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Partner ($5,000 - $9,999)

* deceased
+ matching gift

Ms. Marcia Stephenson Adler ‘75, M.S. ‘76
Mr. Dale S. Ardizzone ‘85, M.S. ‘86 and
Mrs. Barbara Ann Ardizzone
Mr. Jean-Pierre Beckham ‘87 and Mrs. Dana Beckham
Mr. Warren Collins and Mrs. Dorothy Collins*
Mr. Dan Evans ‘84 and Mrs. Lorelei Evans ‘86
Ms. Frances Anne Felch
Dr. Richard Harshberger and Mrs. Kathleen Harvey Harshberger ‘80
Mr. Kory Hummer ‘91 and Mrs. Mary Hummer ‘95
Ms. Bonnie Hurlburt ‘58
Mr. Michael S. Hurt ‘94 and Mrs. Sally Hurt
Mr. Christopher Sean Huther ‘88 and Mrs. Lisa Huther
Wiley Rein LLP Foundation +
President Penelope W. Kyle

Dr. Johann A. Norstedt
Mr. Arthur Payne, Jr. ‘87 and Mrs. Laura Kathryn Payne ‘89
Mr. Thomas Stephen Raup ‘80
Dr. John Ray and Mrs. Nancy Sullivan Ray ‘55
Dr. Kenneth L. Reifsnider and Dr. Marty Basham Reifsnider, M.S. ‘67
Mr. Kevin Rogers’87 and Mrs. Vera Rogers
Dr. Frances G. Seither
Mr. Louis Robert Soscia, Jr. ‘82
State Farm Companies Foundation +
Mrs. Jacqueline Bahre Troisi ‘78
Sanofi-Aventis +
Mr. William E. Tucker, Jr.
Altria Group +
Dr. Mary June Wall ‘53
Mr. Keith P. Weltens
Mr. David A. Taylor and Mrs. Linda Whitley-Taylor ‘86
Mr. Herbert F. Alber and Ms. Margaret F. Winslow ‘63
Mr. Ward Zumsteg and Mrs. Diane Zumsteg