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Majors and Minors

College of Business and Economics

Program Degree
Accounting Major, Minor
Business Administration Minor
    Basic (concentration)
    International (concentration)                                                                      
Major, Minor


    Basic (concentration)
    Insurance and Real Estate (concentration)

Major, Minor
    Entrepreneurship (minor)
Major, Minor
Marketing Major, Minor

College of Education and Human Development

Program Degree
Appalachian Studies Minor
Asian Martial Arts Minor
Athletic Training
    Athletic Training with Health and Physical Education Licensure
Coaching Education Minor
Education (see Interdisciplinary Studies)

    *Accelerated master's available
Exercise, Sport and Health Education

    Exercise and Sport Science (concentration, minor)
    Health Education and Health Promotion (concentration)
    Physical and Health Education Teaching (concentration)
    Sport and Wellness Leadership (concentration)
  Interdisciplinary Studies  
    * Accelerated master's available
    Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education
        with fifth year M.S. and licensure
    Elementary Education (licensure)
    Liberal Arts - Non-Teaching (concentration)
    Middle Education (licensure)
    Special Education: Deaf and Hard of Hearing with
         with licensure in Hearing Impairment (licensure)
    Special Education: General Curriculum with fifth year M.S.
         and licensure in ED, LD, and MR
    Special Education (concentration, minor)
Nutrition and Dietetics Major
Peace Studies Minor
Recreation, Parks and Tourism
    Outdoor Recreation (concentration)
    Recreation Therapy (concentration)
    Tourism and Special Events (concentration)

    * Enrolled students must have a minimum 2.5 
     cumulative GPA to declare this major.
Sport Administration Minor

College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences

Program Degree
Cinematic Arts Minor
Communication *
    Communication Studies (concentration)                                                        
    Public Relations (concentration, minor)
    * Students must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA to declare
      a communication major.
Major, Minor
Criminal Justice

    * Accelerated master's available
    * Students who have completed 45 hours must have a minimum
      2.25 cumulative GPA to declare this major.
Major, Minor
    Creative Writing (minor)
    Technical and Business Writing (minor)
    Teaching Licensure
Major, Minor
Foreign Languages
    Classical Humanities (minor)
    Intercultural Studies (minor)
    French (minor)
    German (minor)
    Spanish (minor)
    Teaching Licensure
Major, Minor
Intercultural Studies Minor
Interdisciplinary Minor in Forensic Studies Minor
Interdisciplinary Studies in Liberal Arts Major
International Studies Minor
Leadership and Military Science Minor
Media Studies*
    Advertising (concentration)
    Journalism (concentration)
    Production Technology (concentration)

    *Students must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA to declare
     a media studies major.
Major, Minor
Philosophy and Religious Studies
    Philosophy (concentration, minor)
    Religious Studies (concentration, minor)
Major, Minor
Political Science
    Public Administration and Public Service (concentration)
Major, Minor
Psychology Major, Minor
Social Science
    Teaching Licensure (concentration)
Sociology Major, Minor
Technical and Business Writing Minor
Women's Studies Minor

College of Science and Technology

Program Degree
Anthropological Sciences        
    Forensic Anthropology (concentration)                                                          
Major, Minor
    Environmental Biology (concentration)
    Medical Technology (concentration)
    Molecular Biology (concentration)
    Pre-Health (concentration)
    Teaching Licensure
Major, Minor
    Biochemistry (concentration)
    Forensics (concentration)
    Pre-Health Professional (concentration)
    Professional Chemist (concentration)
    Teaching Licensure
    A dual degree program in chemistry and engineering is offered
         in collaboration with Virginia Tech.
Major, Minor
Computer Science and Technology
    Computer Science (concentration)
    Database (concentration)
    Software Engineering (concentration)
    Networks (concentration)
Major, Minor
Forensic Science Minor
Geospatial Science
    Environmental (concentration)
    Geoinformatics (concentration)
Major, Minor
    Earth Sciences (concentration, teaching licensure)
    Engineering and Environmental Geosciences (concentration)
    General Geology (concentration)
Major, Minor
Information Science and Systems

    Information Systems (concentration, minor)
    Web Development (concentration)
Information Security Certificate
Information Systems Minor
Information Technology Minor
    Applied Mathematics (concentration)
    Statistics (concentration)
    Teaching Licensure
    A dual degree program in mathematics and engineering is offered
        in collaboration with Virginia Tech.
Major, Minor
    Earth and Space Science (concentration)
    Physics Education (concentration)
    Teaching Licensure
    A dual degree program in physics and engineering is offered
         in collaboration with Virginia Tech.
Major, Minor
Pre-Chemistry (see Chemistry)  

College of Visual and Performing Arts

Program Degree

    Art History and Museum Studies (concentration)                                            
    Graphic Design (concentration)
    Studio Art (concentration)
        Painting (emphasis)
        Ceramics (emphasis)
        Jewelry/metalsmithing (emphasis)
        Photography (emphasis)
        Watercolor (emphasis)
    Art Education (licensure)
Major, Minor
Art History Minor
Cinematic Arts Minor
    Classical (emphasis)
    Contemporary (emphasis)
    Choreography (emphasis)
    Teaching Licensure
Major, Minor
Design Appreciation Minor
Interior Design and Fashion
    Design Culture (concentration)
    Design Management (concentration)
    Fashion Design (concentration)
    Interior Design (concentration)
    Merchandising for Design (concentration)
    Music Business (concentration)
    Music Education (concentration
        Vocal/Choral (option)
        Instrumental (option)
    Music Therapy (concentration)
Major, Minor
Music History and Literature Minor
Music Performance Minor
Theatre and Cinema
    Cinema (emphasis)
    Design and Technical Theatre (emphasis)
    Performance (emphasis)
    Theatre History and Literature (emphasis)
Major, Minor

Waldron College of Health and Human Services

Pre-Professional Programs