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Alumni Spotlight

Learn more about Radford University alumni - where they are now, what they are accomplishing, and why their connection to Radford University is important to them.


Fernando Sigui ‘95, a native of El Salvador, enrolled at Radford University in 1991 as an international student.

Sigui was drawn to Radford University’s campus and the region by the beauty of Virginia’s changing seasons. Once he was here, Radford University had a lot more to offer Sigui than the seasons, including Radford’s social, athletic and academic opportunities.

“Being in a new geographic region with new cultures and plenty of new friends to choose from really helped solidify the platform for my success. I give a lot of credit to the College of Business and Economics. It taught me the essentials of business.

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The path Michelle O’Connor ’91 took to her current role as CEO of a multimillion dollar company was not an easy one.

While attending Radford, O’Connor was influenced by two professors in the psychology department, both of whom remained active in their fields of study and were able to share real life experience. They also genuinely cared for their students.  O’Connor’s biggest take away from the university though was the confidence that she gained in herself and the desire to continue her education. 

“After I graduated, I went on to earn my Masters of Education degree in curriculum and instruction with a cognate in training and development at Virginia Tech,” says O’Connor. 

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“Sometimes I still have dreams of those great times at Radford University and the hard work I put in during my time there.  I remember it quite fondly and I will always have a place in my heart for RU,” says Robert Mancini ’83.

Mancini was a business administration major with a minor in mathematics and involved with the student government association (SGA). He said that the SGA helped him grow confidence and leadership skills.  “I got the chance to get involved in things and be more than just a student going to class.  I got to know the administration, to build relationships with them and to be treated as an equal,” says Mancini. 

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alumni-spotlight-samantha-hoey-nelson (2)

Samantha Hoey Nelson ’96 just released her book “Artist in B-School”, to inspire creative people be more savvy in business.

“It is part memoir and book of encouragement for creative people to understand business.  It tells of my past as a creative person and my journey to receiving my Bachelors of Fine Arts at Radford University.  I also reflect on my decision to get my MBA and the realization of the importance of those lessons to art students,” says Nelson. 

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Jamie Nolan ’06 is known for her strong work ethic, passion for renewable energy and positive outlook on life.  You might even describe her as a “ray of sunshine” that motivates those around her to stay positive and work hard.

Nolan provides strategic communication direction to the U.S. Department of Energy ’s SunSshot Initiative, which aims to enable large-scale adoption of solar energymake it faster, easier, and more affordable for Americans to choose solar energy to power their daily lives. She manages media relations, messaging, digital content, social media, and stakeholder engagement for SunShot’s roughly $1 billion portfolio of solar research and development projects throughout the United States.  

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