Internal Governance at Radford University

The Radford University Internal Governance system affirms our community’s historical commitment to fostering a transparent, open, and productive goveranace process.  This website provides access to information and to communication tools so that every individual on campus has an opportunity to participate. Read More.


Internal Governance Reform Guiding Principles

The Internal Governance Reform Taskforce has drafted a document of Guiding Principles as a starting point for the production of a revised governance system. The draft is based upon the report submitted in November 2012 by internal governance consultant, Rodney Smolla, and the recommendations outlined by the 2005 IG Task Force at Radford University. We welcome and encourage your recommendations for edits to these principles. Submit comments, feedback, and concerns to the task force.



This website is undergoing revision as it transforms from a site dedicate to IG Renewal to a "go to" source for information regarding IG Processes and Committees. 

Those interested in our ongoing IG Renewal effort may wish to read the 2012 report submitted by consultant Rod Smolla:  report on internal governance at Radford University.  We encourage your feedback, reactions, questions and concerns: