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Alumni Spotlight

Learn more about Radford University alumni - where they are now, what they are accomplishing, and why their connection to Radford University is important to them.


Jamie Nolan ’06 is known for her strong work ethic, passion for renewable energy and positive outlook on life.  You might even describe her as a “ray of sunshine” that motivates those around her to stay positive and work hard.

Nolan provides strategic communication direction to the U.S. Department of Energy ’s SunSshot Initiative, which aims to enable large-scale adoption of solar energymake it faster, easier, and more affordable for Americans to choose solar energy to power their daily lives. She manages media relations, messaging, digital content, social media, and stakeholder engagement for SunShot’s roughly $1 billion portfolio of solar research and development projects throughout the United States.  

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June Jennings ’86 has served the Commonwealth of Virginia for almost three decades and was recently appointed State Inspector General.

She now oversees the states’ programs of performance reviews, inspections and investigations.  She also manages the state fraud, waste and abuse hotline, the whistle blower reward program, and provides guidance to the internal audit programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  “This has been the most challenging and rewarding position in my career in state service.  I stay here because I strongly feel we are making a difference,” says Jennings. 

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‘After graduation Tariq Bokhari ’03 and his wife Krista Bokhari ’03 took a risk and moved to Charlotte N.C.  Little did they know, he was about to stumble upon a new passion that made taking risks a part of his future when he landed a job in risk management.

“In risk management you are a cost center.  You’re hired by a particular company because they have a need and it is your job to address it.  I focus on building a program that will not only fix their temporary issues, but will also benefit them in the long run,” says Bokhari.  

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Brenda Lilly ’91 was an English and French literature major at Radford University who found a passion in the beauty industry.

 “I moved to the New York area in 1996 and started my career in the industry.  I have worked for Revlon, Clinique, L’Oreal-Maybelline, The Estee Lauder Companies and now for the prestigious Fresh Incorporated,” says Lilly.

As a student and new graduate, Lilly was interested in theater.  ”Right out of college, I received an internship with the Washington Performance Art Society.  It was great because I realized I had a lot more interest in business.   

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Samantha Steidle ‘04, owner of The CoLab, always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur.

“When I arrived at Radford in 2001, I started my first company as an event planner. I planned weddings and corporate events and would often drive to Roanoke to meet with wedding vendors such as florists, bakers and photographers.  I knew I was young, but I wanted the experience of opening and running my own company.  When meeting with vendors or clients, I had to meet with them in coffee shops.  This is where the seed for the Business Lounge was planted,” says Samantha Steidle.

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