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Gumboot Dance

Tuesday Feb 12
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Muse Banquet Hall

Gumboot dancing is a tradition born from adversity in the gold mines of South Africa in the mid nineteenth century. Using traditional rhythms, song, and dance, migrant workers from varying backgrounds created a form of communication and entertainment with boot slaps, stomps, and rattles breaking cultural/tribal barriers. Today, the art form shines as an example of South Africa’s rich diversity, resilience, and spirit. It can be enjoyed on just about any street corner, rural village, or professional theatrical production.
On February 12, 2013 in the Muse Banquet Hall at 6pm, musicologist Don Hall will present Gumboot Dance in a lecture/recital providing historical background, modern day perspectives, and a performance of the dance, as a part of Radford University’s Center for Diversity programing. An invitation for the audience to participate will be extended. There is no cost to attend this event. RSVP to diverse@radford.edu

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