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CITL Films

The CITL Films project was started in spring 2012. The original idea was to produce short, comic films that served to (1 promote various programs, resources and initiatives, and (2 feature familiar faces from around campus doing and saying things that may surprise you. 

In the time since, the project has expanded to produce faculty profiles that spotlight some of the interesting and innovative things our teachers are doing inside and outside the classroom, as well as short dramatic works that serve as a vehicle for students and interns to gain experience as actors in front of the camera and also as technicians and artists behind it. Below are descriptions of our productions to date, all of which are featured on this site as well as on our Vimeo channel.



A cautionary tale, produced and featured in our Faculty Development Institute, about a group of faculty that attempt to get involved in online teaching without realizing what they are getting involved in.

Dr. Bill Kennan, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Chandish Nester, Theater Major
Dr. Susan Van Patten, Director of Faculty Development, CITL
Ryan Waide, Theater Major
Wesley Young, Associate Professor, Department of Theater and Cinema



A farce about a teacher who proliferately authors his own textbooks -- much to his students chagrin -- as well as an awareness piece on the eText movement on campus. View the film on our Vimeo site.

Dr. Greg Sherman, School of Teacher Education and Leadership
Myra Cosmato - special guest star
Kate Patterson - Psychology Major
John Tyreman - Business Major



Starting in early 2013, the CITL began a series in which  faculty doing interesting and innovative things in and around campus are interviewed on camera, in an effort to spotlight the good work happening at RU for both peers on campus and the world at large. Visit the Faculty Profiles page to view the interviews produced to date.



A humorous promotional piece -- and our first film in the series -- advertising the availability of Lynda.com on campus. Visit our Lynda.com page for more info and to view the film.

Lyndsay Halpin - Theater Major
Dr. Sam Minner - Provost and VP of Academic Affairs
Dr. C - special guest star