Associate ($250 - $499)

* deceased
+ matching gift


Mr. Robert B. Alderman and Mrs. Patricia Wenzel Alderman '74
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Annear
Dr. Guy S. Axtell
Mr. James H. Aylor and Mrs. Sherry Lynn Aylor '72


Mr. Andrew W. Baity
Mr. Scott Christopher Barnett '89 and Mrs. Jennifer Barnett
Mr. Timothy Barrow and Mrs. Paige Valentine Barrow '66
Dr. Steven Beach and Mrs. Rachael Beach '03
Captain Annette Beadle, USN '85
Ms. Martha Cox Bentley '54
Mr. Fred J. Bernhardt, Jr. and Mrs. Carole Carter Bernhardt '66
Mr. Nathan Elliott Bicak
Mrs. Patricia Saunders Bliley '67
Mr. and Mrs. William Anthony Board
Mr. Jon Carlos Bolt '91 and Ms. Tracy Leigh Schutte '94
Mr. William Borthwick, Jr. and Mrs. Anne Crowgey Borthwick '54
Ms. Karen Elizabeth Boyle '77
Mr. Bill Bradburn '89 and Mrs. Larissa Bradburn '89
Dr. John D. Bradshaw and Mrs. Jennifer Winstead Bradshaw '66
Mrs. Mary Lane Brigman '69
Mr. Gilbert Brittle '65 and Mrs. Dale Brittle '64
Mr. Dave J. Broich and Mrs. Connie Joy Broich '86
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Burns
Ms. Connie Mullins Bush '82
Mr. Andrew Gordon Byer '94


Dr. Jack E. Call and Dr. Debra Call
Mr. Michael Henry Carter
Dr. Bruce W. Chase
Mr. John James Christy
Mr. William E. Coan and Mrs. Sandra Angela Coan '73
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Coia
Mr. Levar Sykes Cole '02
Ms. Linda J. Cole
Ms. Sarah Beth Colnic '91
Dr. Allison Yvonne Colvin '73
Mr. George Cooper and Ms. Marjorie Givens Cooper '48
    State Farm Companies Foundation +
Mr. Jay Lawrence Coplon '81 and Mrs. Rebecca Coplon
Ms. Emily Jane Craig '13
Ms. Joan Fillman Cravens '69
Mr. Robert H. Cruise and Mrs. Lucille Allen Cruise '55


Mr. Mike DeFilippo '90 and Mrs. Rita DeFilippo '90
    Salesforce Foundation +
Mr. Calvin Deininger
Mr. Luther Dickens and Mrs. Helen Dickens '83
Miss Cheryl Annette Dixon '91
Mr. David Dress and Mrs. Cathy Dress '80
Mr. Eric Scott Dugovich '85
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Lloyd Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Dunn


Ms. Sherry L. Fisher '85
Ms. Joyce Bly Fletcher '65
Mr. George Clayton Foltz III '01
Mr. Jerry Frink '89 and Mrs. Laurel Frink '94
Mr. Bill Frischling and Ms. Amy Scott Frischling


Mr. William Ralph Gallant, Jr. '88 and Mrs. Angeline Gallant
    Capital One Services Inc. Foundation +
Ms. Rachael M. Garrity
Mr. Gary M. Gibson and Mrs. Patricia Carol Gibson '78
Mr. Harry Glenn and Mrs. Patricia Koontz Glenn '60
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Mark Goldman
    Harris Foundation +
Mrs. Carol Hancock Gordon '69
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. Gore
Mr. Joseph Henry Gramann '89
Mr. Patrick W. Griffee and Mrs. Eileen Stanton Griffee '79
Mrs. Jennifer Guertin
Mrs. Eddie Maher Gugelman '68
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Guncheon


Ms. Mary Louise Hall '70
Mr. Randy Hancock and Mrs. Susan Drake Hancock '76
Mr. Phillip B. Haney '92 and Mrs. Kimberly J. Haney '92
Mrs. Leslie Harkins
Mr. Michael D. Hayes '92
Ms. Alexia Henson
Mr. William E. Hepler and Mrs. Patricia Sands Hepler '64
Dr. Rhett B. Herman
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Peyton Herndon '67
Dr. and Mrs. John Herr
Mr. William F. Hole
Mr. Dallas L. Hubbard, Sr. and Mrs. Margaret Harman Hubbard '64


Mr. Robert Isaac and Mrs. Dorothy Ann Isaac '58
Ms. Joyce Isbel


Mr. and Mrs. Guy James
Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Jennelle
Mr. Timothy H. Johnson and Mrs. Katherine Kouchis Johnson '71
Mr. William R. Johnston, Jr. and Mrs. Kathy McCabe Johnston '69
Ms. Edith Martin Jones '12
Mr. Dale Robert Jones '86 and Mrs. Jane M. Jones
    Dominion Foundation +
Mr. Dennis Joyce and Mrs. Jeannemarie Joyce '81


Dr. Prahlad Kasturi
Ms. Leigh A. Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Allan Kemp
Dr. William R. Kennan
Mr. Mohammad Ray Khosrowshahi and Mrs. Raheleh Ghorbanzadeh
Mr. Scott Kolodny '89 and Mrs. Chrys Bakalis Kolodny '92
Mr. Bryan Kuskie '94 and Mrs. Nicole Kuskie '94



Mr. Diron Stuart Lane '99
Mr. Lawrence Laramay and Mrs. Karen Lackey Laramay '78
Dr. Martha Anne Lawing '73
Mr. Steven Mark Light '90 and Mrs. Christine Phillips Light
    Microsoft Corporation +
Ms. Elizabeth C. W. Lyman


Mr. Mike MacKiewicz and Mrs. Christine E. MacKiewicz '92
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley G. Marshall
Ms. Shelby Anne Martin '65
Mr. Buz Mason and Mrs. Deedy Lawson Mason '74
Mr. Billy Christopher Mason '07
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Howard Maurice
Mr. Kenneth M. McClevey
Mr. and Mrs. James Reese Meisinger
Dr. Xiang-Jin Meng
Mr. William James Miller '83 and Mrs. Amanda Miller
Richard and Cindy Mitchell
Mr. John R. Montgomery '81 and Mrs. Sharie Montgomery
Mr. Charles L. Moody and Mrs. Donna Lee Moody '72
Mr. James R. Morris and Mrs. Pere Singleton Morris '69
Mr. Roger David Morrow, Jr. and Mrs. Vicki Brooks Morrow '90
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Muir
Mr. William Raymond Myers '86 and Mrs. Melinda B. Myers
Mr. John William Myers III and Mrs. Mary Stafford Myers '59


Mr. Brian Taylor Pardue '94 and Mrs. Melissa Pardue
Ms. Kistie Velma Patch '60
Mr. Jim Patterson
Mr. William Patton, Jr. and Mrs. Betty Cockerham Patton '67
Mr. Michael Valdemar Peters '83 and Mrs. Shannon G. Peters
Ms. Lisa Ann Peterson '86
    Honeywell International PAC Charitable Gift Program +
Mr. Brian Baird Phelps '88 and Mrs. Cecil Regina Phelps '01
Mr. William H. Pletta and Mrs. Eleanor Miller Pletta '58
Mr. Nolan Porter and Ms. Barbara Porter


Mr. Mark Ramsey '95 and Mrs. Kelli Ramsey
Mr. Thomas Aaron Ranft '06 and Ms. Amelia Elizabeth Wharen '08
Mr. Gauda Shalaby and Dr. Michele D. Ren '92
Mr. Harold Riffe and Mrs. Diana Rothenbuhler Riffe '68
Dr. Deborah J. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Sabino William Romano, Jr.
Mr. Jack R. Rose and Mrs. Deborah Leigh Rose '89
    MeadWestvaco Foundation +
Dr. Helen M. Roybark and Mr. Robert A. Roybark


Dr. R. Wayne Saubert and Dr. Lynn K. Saubert
Mr. Bernard D. Schulz '92
Ms. Donna Shabazz '85
Mr. Joseph Lewis Sheffey '75 and Mrs. Jeannette L. Sheffey
Mr. Ronald T. Shelburne '91, MBA '96 and Mrs. Terri Shelburne
Dr. Patricia B. Shoemaker and Mr. Philip Shoemaker
Mr. Marvin L. Smith and Mrs. Linda Puckett Smith '71
    Dominion Foundation +
Mr. Eddie Smith and Mrs. Missy Young Smith '86
Ms. Cynthia Hughes Smith '69
Mr. H. Vincent Snidow and Mrs. Nancy Joyner Snidow '67
Ms. Jennifer F. Spoon
Mr. Robert Stern and Mrs. Marianne Holland Stern '69
Dr. Maurice W. Stewart and Dr. Anna Lee Stewart
Mr. Charles B. Stoke and Mrs. Sue Stoke '64
Ms. Anne L. Stone


Dr. Patricia A. Talbot
Dr. Brett E. Taylor
Ms. Sara Lee Thacker '67
Mr. Jeff Trent '88 and Mrs. Janet Trent '88
Ms. Carol Lee Tutch '75


Mr. and Mrs. James H. Vance, Jr.
Mrs. Christina Opal Velt '96
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Voss


Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lee Weber
    Wells Fargo Foundation +
Mr. Donald Wells and Mrs. Pamela Hall Wells '64
Mr. R. Michael Wells and Mrs. Janet Graham Wells '71
Mr. Brian Keith White '83 and Mrs. Donna F. White
    Altria Group +
Dr. and Mrs. John B. White
Ms. Julie Ann Whitehead '98
Mr. Jerry Williams and Mrs. Ann Youngblood Williams '70
    Verizon Foundation +
Mr. Michael C. Williams '93 and Mrs. Patti Williams
Mr. Charles Todd Winstead '97
Mr. Dave Worek and Mrs. Kathleen Caputo Worek '90


Ms. Dimple Iolet Yates '57
Mr. Robert Raymond Young '67 and Mrs. Barbara Houston


Dr. Lynn M. Zoch