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Associate ($250 - $499)

* deceased
+ matching gift

Anonymous (2)
Mrs. Patricia Wenzel Alderman ‘74
Mr. H. Wilson Rankin and Dr. Liz Altieri
Mr. Robert Paul Barrett ‘07
Dr. Steven Beach and Mrs. Rachael Beach ‘03
Mrs. Patricia Saunders Bliley ‘67
Mrs. Wilma Scott Boatwright ‘55
Mrs. Sandra Bowman Bond ‘97
Dr. Tod W. Burke
Dr. Theresa L. Burriss, M.S. ‘99
Mr. J. Travis Byrd ‘10
Dr. Jack E. Call and Dr. Debra Call
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Cargo
Dr. Kim Ferren Carter ‘86 and Mr. Gregory Lawrence Carter ‘86
Mr. Stephan Quinn Cassaday, C.F.P. ‘76 and Mrs. Mary Cassaday
Ms. Wan Brooke Chang
Dr. Bruce W. Chase
Ms. Lillian Chenault ‘82
Mrs. Kathy Moss Claytor ‘84
Ms. Melinda Ann Clelland ‘09
Mr. Daren Colaiacovo ‘91 and Mrs. Diane Ivens Colaiacovo ‘91
Mrs. Elisabeth Covey Collins ‘46
Dr. Allison Yvonne Colvin ‘73
Dr. Linda M. Conklin ‘74 and Mr. Jack S. Conklin
Ms. Amy Elizabeth Cook ‘07
Dr. Sharla Fitzgerald Cooper ‘87
Mr. Jeffrey William Coshland ‘91
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Costello
Ms. Joan Fillman Cravens ‘69
Ms. Erin G. Cruise
Mrs. Nadine Gaitka Damiano ‘95
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Darden
Verizon Foundation +
Dr. George R. Davis, Jr.
Mr. Christopher P. Denton ‘93
Mrs. Lillian Ford Donnally ‘74*
Dr. Farrell D. Doss
Mr. Raouf Dridi
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Dunn
Ms. Lynn Munari Durham ‘89
Dr. Grace Toney Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Foster
Mr. Donald Foster and Mrs. Ann McKibbin Foster ‘60
Dr. Paul W. Frets and Mrs. Jerry Beverly Frets ‘69
Mr. and Mrs. William Fritz
Ms. Carolyn Elizabeth Fulk ‘85
Mr. Brian R. Galway ‘79 and Mrs. Sherry G. Shelton ‘79
Mondelez International +
Mr. Luther E. Gaylon and Mrs. Cynthia Daugherty Galyon ‘70
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Gardiner
Dr. Karolyn W. Givens
Dr. Kazuo Gotow and Mrs. Drusilla Gotow
Dr. Becky Greer
Mrs. Eileen Stanton Griffee ‘79
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander William Guerra
Mrs. Eddie Maher Gugelman ‘68
Ms. Mary Louise Hall ‘70
Mrs. Susan Drake Hancock ‘76
Mr. and Mrs. David Scot Hanlon
Mr. John C. Harves
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Harvey, Sr.
Mr. Daniel J. Hawkins ‘93
Mr. Chris E. Hawkins ‘92
Mr. Byron G. Hensley
Dominion Foundation +
Dr. Rhett B. Herman
Dr. and Mrs. John Herr
Mrs. Louise Vonasek Hileman ‘77
Mrs. Rosalie Ward Hoblit ‘58
Mrs. Barbara Fralin Holcomb ‘83
Mrs. Ina Sue Hughes ‘58
Mr. Keith Hurley ‘79 and Mrs. Rebecca Hurley ‘78
Mrs. Dorothy Skorupa Isaac ‘58
Dr. Laura J. Jacobsen
Dr. Linda Bethel James ‘68
Mrs. Brenda Atkins Jamison ‘69
Dr. Christy Johnston Jensen ‘94
Lockheed Martin +
Dr. Edward D. Jervey
Mr. and Mrs. Milt Johns
Mr. David Edward Jones ‘88
Mr. Michael R. Jones
Dr. Joe Frank Jones III

Mr. Steven Judd ‘90 and Mrs. Regan Judd ‘89
Mr. Les Kaciban
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Kane
Ms. Leigh A. Kelley
Ms. Vandy Poage Kemp ‘74
Dr. William R. Kennan
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Kiyfes
EXXONMOBIL Foundation +
Mr. Tom and Mrs. Sharon Kluge
Ms. Olga Kontzias
Mr. Bryan Kuskie ‘94 and Mrs. Nicole Kuskie ‘94
Dr. Eunyoung Lee
Dr. Barbara Thrush Lester ‘67
Ms. Margaret Lidstone-Fitzgerald ‘69
Ms. Linda Liddle Lubetkin ‘65
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lubke
Ms. Eupha Mae Lucas
Mr. Garrett Michael Manion ‘12
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley G. Marshall
Ms. Amanda J. Martin
Mr. H. Gregory Mathis ‘85
Mr. Kenneth M. McClevey
Mr. and Mrs. James Reese Meisinger
Ms. Michele Lynn Salyer Messner ‘88
Ms. Martha Nancy Miller ‘70
Ms. Jean Miller
Mr. Scott Stephen Millis ‘91 and Mrs. Elizabeth R. Millis ‘92
Mrs. Eleanor Pair Mills ‘53
Mr. Mark Patrick Moody ‘88
Mrs. Pere Singleton Morris ‘69
Mr. Mike Morsberger ‘87 and Mrs. Marybeth Morsberger ‘88
Mrs. Mary Stafford Myers ‘59
Mr. Paul Newman
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Nicely
Ms. Barbara Nicholas
Mr. Ernest Noel
Ms. Jean Lightner Norum ‘76
Mrs. Susan Norris Nuttycombe ‘83
Mrs. Christina Opal Velt ‘96
Mrs. Loralie Tate Parks ‘73
Ms. Kistie Velma Patch ‘60
Mrs. Eleanor Miller Pletta ‘58
Mr. Nolan Porter and Ms. Barbara Porter
Mrs. Esther Skrivseth Powell ‘65
Mr. Mark Ramsey ‘95 and Mrs. Kelli Ramsey
Dr. Anthony Ramsey ‘01, MSN ‘03 and Mrs. Kimberly Ramsey ‘01
Mr. Scotty Kevin Reedy ‘85
New York Life Insurance Co. +
Ms. Charlene Frances Reeve ‘66
Dr. Michele D. Ren ‘92
Mr. Edward Rice and Mrs. Nancy Rice
Colonel W. E. Roberts and Mrs. Rhoda Levora Roberts ‘58
Mr. Todd Jon Rolfing ‘03
Mr. and Mrs. Sabino William Romano, Jr.
Mrs. Deborah Leigh Rose ‘89
Westvaco Foundation +
Mr. David and Mrs. Marjorie P. Rose
Mrs. Mary Lonardelli Ruiz ‘49
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Schirr
Mr. Paul Walter Schulz ‘76
Lockheed Martin +
Mr. Joseph Lewis Sheffey ‘75 and
Mrs. Jeannette L. Sheffey
Mr. Chris Shockley ‘92 and Mrs. Kyle Shockley ‘93
Mr. and Mrs. John Martin Sipple, Jr.
Ms. Cynthia Hughes Smith ‘69
Mr. Thomas Smith ‘92
Mr. Brian Smith and Mrs. Peggy E. Smith ‘98
Dr. Diane Mar Spresser ‘65
Mrs. Sue Shelton Stoke ‘64
Ms. Anne L. Stone
Mrs. Carolyn Jones Swartout ‘68
Dr. Patricia A. Talbot
Dr. Brett E. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Tedesco
Dr. Dennie E. Templeton and Dr. Debra R. Templeton
Ms. Sara Lee Thacker ‘67
Ms. Carol Lee Tutch ‘75
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Vance, Jr.
Ms. Kara Ann Varley
Mrs. Toni Kerfoot Walker ‘74
State Farm Companies Foundation +
Ms. Mary R. Weeks ‘98, MBA ‘02
Mr. Tom Whitehead and
Mrs. Diane Clary Whitehead ‘69
Ms. Brenda Joyce Willner ‘03
Ms. Dimple Iolet Yates ‘57
Mr. Robert Raymond Young ‘67
Ms. Peggy Bowman Zirkle