Century ($100 - $249)

* deceased
+ matching gift


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Aardema
Mr. Martin Abramson and Mrs. Kitty Pickle Abramson '47
Mr. Joachim Adamczyk and Mrs. Nancy Singleton Adamczyk '69
Mr. Jason Adkins '98 and Mrs. Tennille Alexander Adkins
Mr. Donald Richard Aker '83 and Mrs. Anne McKenzie Aker '73
Mr. Carl Doss Akers '63 and Mrs. Mary Akers '71
Mr. Andrew H. Aldrich and Mrs. Patricia Peach Aldrich '60
Mrs. Melissa McDaniel Aldridge '92
Ms. Laura N. Aldstadt '14
Miss Martha Jean Allen '59
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley John Allen
Mr. David Alvarez and Mrs. Heidi Hammond Alvarez '94
Ms. Margaret Ann Amos '64
Mr. John Ellis Ancarrow and Mrs. Kaaren Gearhart Ancarrow '66
Mrs. Rachel Hudnall Anderson '68
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Anderson, Jr.
Mrs. Karen Marie Anderson
Mrs. Joanna Gilmore Angle '68
Ms. Lori A. Anthony
Mr. Ralph H. Anzelmo
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. James Arthur
Mr. Joshua Thrasher Arthur '13
Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Arzubiaga
Mr. Mike Ashley '83 and Mrs. Kellie McGinnis '82
Ms. Christy Aslen '90
Dr. June St Clair Atkinson '69


Dr. and Mrs. Robert Leo Bademian
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Bagato
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Baker
Mr. John S. Baker '77 and Mrs. Diane Howell Baker '68
Dr. Stephen Monroe Baker '68 and Mrs. Judith H. Baker
Mr. Bradley Wayne Baldwin '96 and Mrs. Darla Cantrell Baldwin '95
Mr. Eugene D. Bales and Mrs. Jeanette Hinkle Bales '45
Ms. Mary Hedrick Ballard '98
Mr. Ernest Wayne Barber '85 and Mrs. Melanie Barber
Mr. John Richardson Bari '91
Dr. Marjorie S. Barker '97
Mr. William Barnes and Mrs. Abigail Scott Barnes '71
Mr. John Ray Barney '79 and Mrs. Jean Barney
Mr. Donald R. Barrans and Mrs. Nancy Smith Barrans '60
Dr. Roann Barris
Mrs. Tandy Kidwell Bartkowicz '78
Mrs. Ann Hartsock Bartley '96
Mr. and Mrs. Ilias Basha
Mrs. Teresa O'Flaherty Baugher '71
Mr. Todd Beach and Mrs. Laura Wellborn Beach '90
Mr. David Lloyd Beach '81 and Mrs. Ann M. Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Beatson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Beeler
Mr. William G. Beitz, Jr. and Mrs. Marie B. Beitz*
Ms. Barbara-lyn Belcher '65
Ms. Darla Jean Belevich '75
Mr. Melvin H. Bell and Mrs. Betty Bell '61
Ms. danah bella
Mr. Elliott Bruce Bender '83 and Mrs. Hilary Bender
Ms. Mary Susan Bennett '78
Mr. Melvin Montree Bentley III '75
Mrs. Terri M. Betcher '96
Mr. Brian Beverage and Mrs. Cecile Gillespie Beverage '89
Mr. Donald L. BeVille and Mrs. Carol Ann BeVille '76
Ms. Brenda Gail Bingham '72
Mr. James Bird and Mrs. Brenda Jean Bird '69
Mr. Mark D. Bishop and Mrs. Sharon Madill Bishop '85
Mr. Preston Blackmon and Mrs. Linda Morris Blackmon '75
Mr. James Currie Blair, Jr. '72 and Mrs. Nancy Blair
Dr. Diane Louise Blankenship '82 and Mr. Calvin D. Blankenship '80
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Blumberg
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Bobenmoyer
Mr. Shawn Patrick Bocketti '99 and Mrs. Bethany Kiser Bocketti '01
Mr. John P. Bokal, Jr. and Mrs. Jennifer McDarmont Bokal '93
Mr. Patrick A. Bond and Mrs. Sandra Bowman Bond '97
Mr. Roger D. Bond and Mrs. Dana Webb Bond '73
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bondurant
Mr. Benjamin Thomas Bondurant
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Leon Boothe
Mr. Mitch Bordeaux '87 and Mrs. Stephanie Bordeaux '88
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Borges
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Borling
Mr. Bruce E. Moore and Mrs. Jean Carolyn Bost-Moore '74
Dr. Glen Steve Bourne '77
Mr. J. Thomas Bowen and Mrs. Elizabeth Cummings Bowen '77
Mr. William Bowerman and Mrs. Jane Morrison Bowerman '69
Mrs. Madge Land Bowers '57
Mr. and Mrs. William Page Bowling III
Mr. Lee Bowman and Mrs. Marie Brewster Bowman '58
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Ridgely E. Boyer, Jr.
Mr. Mark Steven Braddock '87 and Mrs. Leslie Jo Braddock '86
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Braden
Mr. John Bradley and Mrs. Anne Timp Bradley '78
Mr. Richard Braun and Mrs. Jane Boucher Braun '68
Dr. Robert R. Sheehy and Dr. Kathleen S. Brennan '14
Mr. Gerald Brennan, Jr. '82 and Mrs. Brenda Brennan '83
Dr. and Mrs. Danny A. Bring
Mr. Ron Broadway and Mrs. Barbara Beach Broadway '68
Ms. Christina K. Brogdon
Mr. Raymond Brooks and Mrs. Jacquie Johnson Brooks '63
Mrs. Karen Bishop Brown '89
Mr. Benjamin M. Brown, Jr. and Ms. Ann Hillenbrand Brown '03
Mr. Clifford Brown and Mrs. Lary Ann Brown '72
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown
Mr. William Thomas Browning '96
Mr. John Thomas Brummitt '79
Mr. Marcus Bryan '81 and Mrs. Debbie Bryan
Ms. Debbie Lynn Bryant '83
Ms. Laura Anne Bryant '75
Mr. and Mrs. George Thomas Bryant, Jr.
Ms. S. Michele Bryson '92
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Buchanan
Ms. Janice Morton Buck '70
Mr. Robert Buenting and Mrs. Mary Davis Buenting '72
Mr. K. Roger Bullock and Mrs. Deborah Pulman Bullock '71
Ms. Ann Beamer Burch '60
Mr. Shawn Burchett '95 and Mrs. Sonya Burchett '94
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Burdette
Dr. Virginia Burggraf
Dr. Tod W. Burke
Mr. Stanley Burke and Mrs. Janice Bain Burke '82
Ms. Carolyn Wolfe Burlew '62
Ms. Cheryl Marshall Burnette '70
Dr. Theresa L. Burriss, M.S. '99
Mr. Tommy Burruss and Mrs. Joanne Carr Burruss '69
Mr. T. Norman Bush and Mrs. Carolyn Brown Bush '71
Mr. George Hamilton Buzby and Mrs. Jill Christensen Buzby '90
Ms. Michele Claudine Bykerk '79
Ms. Carolyn Robertson Byrd '88


Mr. John M. Cain and Mrs. Tracey Finch Cain '85
Mr. William Caldwell and Mrs. Marie Emore Caldwell '63
Mr. Kendall Wayne Caldwell '87 and Mrs. Sarah S. Caldwell
Mr. David Calvin and Mrs. Christine Calvin '97
Mr. Todd Harry Cannaday
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Cargo
Mr. Edward Carico and Mrs. Pamela Bedwell Carico '85
Mr. Clay Carson and Mrs. Jean Flippo Carson '55
Mr. J. Alan Carson '83 and Mrs. Deborah Carson
Dr. Arthur E. Carter
Mr. John Carter and Mrs. Cathy Stebbins Carter '86
Mr. Jeffrey Carter '88 and Mrs. Denise Carter '90
Mr. Gregory A. Carter '93 and Mrs. Kelli J. Carter '92
Mr. James K. Carter and Mrs. Carol Smith Carter '76
Mrs. Kimberly B. Carter
Ms. Pierrette Cartier-Huber
Mr. Gared Casey '94 and Mrs. Nicole Holland '94
Mr. Robert Joseph Castagna '81
Mr. Byron W. Chafin '90 and Mrs. Nancy Chafin
Mr. Bill Hahn and Mrs. Nancy Chamberlain '96
Ms. Wan Brooke Chang
Mrs. Sho-Chun Chang '67
Mr. Charles W. Chapman and Mrs. Edith West Chapman '45
Ms. Teresa G. Grubb
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Chappelle
Mr. James Stanley Chappelle and Mrs. Rhonda Robertson Chappelle '76
Mr. James E. Chase and Mrs. Dorothy Phipps Chase '56
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dale Cheek, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George Andrew Chervenic
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Keith Childress
Mr. Ramesh Chopra '05
Mr. and Mrs. George Thomson Christie
Mr. Boyd Brooks Chumbley '79 and Mrs. Susan Chumbley
Mr. Gary Wayne Clark '82
Mr. Edward L. Clark III and Mrs. Cathy Burnett Clark '81
Mr. and Mrs. Jon M. Clarke
Ms. Stephanie Elizabeth Puleo '06
Dr. and Mrs. Donald W. Clary
Mr. Gerald Clay and Mrs. Audrey Carroll Clay '81
Mr. Joseph T. Claytor and Mrs. Kathy Moss Claytor '84
Dr. Iain J. Clelland
Mr. Norman Clevinger and Mrs. Linda Boens Clevinger '69
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Clevinger
Mr. Michael J. Clifford and Mrs. Patricia Simmons Clifford '70
Mr. Jim Cobb and Mrs. Susan Nance Cobb '67
Mr. Cesar A. Collantes '81 and Mrs. Lilla Collantes '82
Dr. Kenna M. Colley
Mr. and Mrs. David Glen Collins
Mr. William Joseph Collins, Jr. '85 and Mrs. Deborah L. Collins
Mr. James Wiley Collins and Mrs. Doris Mills Collins '61
Ms. Paula Eileen Combs '89
Mr. Edward Cornelius Comer '67 and Mrs. Barbara Hoge Comer '59
Dr. Linda M. Conklin '74 and Mr. Jack S. Conklin
Ms. Barbara M. Conner
Mr. Christopher W. Conte '90 and Mrs. Pamela Jeanne Conte '89
Mr. Daniel Lee Conway and Mrs. Sabrina Ann Conway
Mr. Walter Daniel Cook III and Mrs. Elaine Crawford Cook '97
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cook
Dr. Sharla Fitzgerald Cooper '87
Ms. Roxy Cooper
Ms. Nancy G. Copeland
Dr. Gary G. Cote'
Mr. and Mrs. George Harry Cotsimopoulos
Ms. Ashleigh Elizabeth Cotter '09
Ms. Alice T. Coughlin '79
Mr. James Cox and Mrs. Alice Dillon Cox '72
Captain Catherine Wilson Cox '81
Mr. Jerry C. Crabb and Mrs. Phyllis Kirks Crabb '69
Mrs. Peggy Mathena Crabtree '65
Ms. Wendi J. Crandall '00
Mr. Walter Crawford III and Ms. Cathy Crawford
Mr. Leigh Scott Creery
Mrs. Maxine Cage Crenshaw '68
Mr. and Mrs. David Hans Crist
Mr. Michael Emerson Crites '77
Mr. H.C Crotts and Mrs. Donna Van Valkenburg Crotts '74
Mr. Charles R. Crow and Mrs. Rebecca Ann Crow '82
Mr. Melvin L. Crowder and Mrs. Rebecca Byrum Crowder '76
Ms. Erin G. Cruise
Mr. Jon R. Crunkleton and Mrs. Barbara Walters Crunkleton '66
Mr. Thomas P. Cullinane and Mrs. Katherine Elizabeth Cullinane '71
Mr. Mark E. Curtis '93


Ms. Joan Burrill Dambrot '66
Mr. David Alan Danco '12
Mr. Paul Danko and Mrs. Stephanie Blaylock Danko '89
Mr. John C. Dann and Mrs. Orelia Sparrow Dann '66
Mr. Kenneth A. Darden and Mrs. Helen Bryant Day Darden '47
Mr. Robert Telesphor Dardenne '08
Mr. Adrian M. Dass '94
Mr. David Shackelford Davis '84
Mr. Joseph Allen Davis '70 and Mrs. Anne Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Russell L. Davis, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Webster Davis
Mr. Forrest Dale Davis
Mr. Christopher Scot Davy '91 and Mrs. Cheryl Davy
Mr. Keith Lytle Dawn '84 and Mrs. Jessica Dawn
Mr. George Dawson and Mrs. Rosemary Cockerill Dawson '68
Mr. Scott Patrick Dawson '91 and Mrs. Kama Dawson
Mr. John Dayton and Mrs. Maureen A. Dayton '82
Mr. David Anthony Dechiara '85
Mrs. Anna Marie Deering
Ms. Elizabeth Gail Deisher '69
Ms. Margaret Rose DeLay '72
Mr. Robert DeMauri and Mrs. Cynthia Zeigler DeMauri '65
Mr. Robert Dendy, Jr. and Mrs. Myra Wright Dendy '86
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Denfeld
Mrs. Carole Burns DeRuiter '60
Mr. Maurice Dick and Mrs. Margarita Bonnin Dick '46
Mr. Robert B. Dickerson and Mrs. Patti Little Dickerson '86
Dr. Joan I. Dickinson
Ms. Lucy Helena Diercks '72
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey James Dillon
Mr. Merle Dishon '75 and Mrs. Traci Dishon '84
Dr. and Mrs. A. J. DiStasio
Mrs. Rosemary Cropp Dodd '62
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Dodson
Ms. Jo Ann Davis Doss '82
Dr. Farrell D. Doss
Mr. Les Dotson and Mrs. Elizabeth Quillen Dotson '82
Mr. William Emmett Dowd and Ms. Lindsay Ann Dowd '14
Mr. Anthony Todd Dowdy '91
Mr. John Doyle and Mrs. Lacie Yates Doyle '05
Mr. Brandon Draughon and Mrs. Kathleen Monahan Draughon '03
Mr. John Driggers and Mrs. Betty Lou Driggers '87
Mr. Craig Steven DuBois '77 and Mrs. Harriet DuBois
Mr. Andrew Lee Dudley '99 and Mrs. Thalma Thais Dudley '03
Ms. Jane Cox Duffield
Mr. E. J. Duffy and Mrs. Laura Meinhold Duffy '65
Mr. Ronald E. Dull and Mrs. Regina Barbee Dull '86
Ms. Edith-Anne Pendergraft
Ms. Dorothy Ruth DuRant '61
Ms. Helen Cregger Dye '80
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dyer
Mr. John J. Dzik and Ms. Sally Todd Schmidt


Ms. Navetta Breeding Eanes '62
Mr. Randolph Earnest and Mrs. Gibby Reade Earnest '67
Mr. Timothy Dempsey Eason and Mrs. Cynthia Dressler Eason '77
Mr. Daniel John Eastep '97
Mr. Steven John Edgar '95 and Mrs. Nikola Nixon Edgar
Mr. Christopher Jason Edwards and Mrs. Veronica Crockett Edwards '04
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wayne Edwards
Mr. James Frank Egbert '87
Mr. Kevin Michael Elgin '91 and Mrs. Kim Elgin
Ms. Dorothy Clay Eller '62
Mr. Craig A. Emerson '94 and Mrs. Mary Emerson
Mr. Kevin English and Ms. Mary Mclaughlin-English
Mr. and Mrs. Kenyon Scott Erickson
Mr. Gerardo Alberto Espinoza '95 and Mrs. Joanne Marie Espinoza '95
Mr. Jonathon M. Ettel '92
Mr. Rex Evans and Mrs. Jane Pack Evans '72
Mr. David Everett


Mr. Raymond Philip Fadool II '83 and Mrs. Missy Fadool
Ms. Julia McMillan Fallon '10
Mr. Sean Lewis Farmer '02 and Ms. Nikole Tyson Farmer '02
Mr. and Mrs. David Woodrow Farrar
Ms. Norma Johnson Farrell '67
Mr. Eric Christopher Faulkner '95 and
Mrs. Sherron Elizabeth Faulkner '95
Ms. Shelly Nicole Feazell '07
Mr. Charles K. Felts and Mrs. Vickie Lynn Felts '76
Mr. Zheng L. Feng, M.F.A '89 and Mrs. Mei Feng
Mr. John H. Ferguson, Jr. and Mrs. Sarah Cooper Ferguson '65
Mr. John Fields
Mr. Joseph Herbert Findley III '90 and Mrs. Kaye Findley
Mr. Beverly T. Fitzpatrick, Jr. and Mrs. Shirley Caldwell Fitzpatrick '69
Mr. Charles Fitzwater and Mrs. Jennifer Gwynn Fitzwater '04
Mr. Russell Flesher '79 and Mrs. Jacqueline Flesher '77
Mr. Hubert Kyle Fletcher '73 and Mrs. Doris Fletcher
Mr. Carlos Henry Fletcher '71 and Mrs. Judy Ann Fletcher '71
Mr. John T. Flinn '88 and Mrs. Susan Flinn
Mr. Peter Andrew Flora '86
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Ever Flores
Mrs. Evelyn Flynn
Mrs. Lois S. Foley '56
Ms. Beatrice Linda Forbes '72
Ms. Mary Bryant Ford '99
Mr. Michael Forde and Mrs. Deborah Ann Forde
Dr. Kari Rose Formsma '84
Mr. John Paul Fornecker '07 and Mrs. Mary Gunnels
Mrs. Barbara Rawn Forrest '67
Mrs. Mary Ellis Forstall '78
Mr. Timothy Scott Foster
Mr. Jim Frago '96 and Mrs. Kristen Dixon Frago '96
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Franco
Mr. Joseph E. Franklin and Mrs. Marymarie Baker Franklin '75
Mr. and Mrs. Don Franklin
Mr. Donald Frazer and Mrs. Elizabeth Kieferle Frazer '70
Mr. John McCarty Freeman '76 and Ms. Jackie McDonald Freeman '65
Dr. Paul W. Frets and Mrs. Jerry Beverly Frets '69
Mr. Andrew J. Frizzle and Mrs. Susan Kruse Frizzle '89
Ms. Mary Ann Furr


Ms. Susan Stoneburner Gallaher '73
Mr. Robert M. Gallant and Mrs. Barbara Hollar Gallant '58*
Ms. Sherry Goad Gallo '92
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Wayne Gallops
Mr. Brian R. Galway '79 and Mrs. Sherry G. Shelton '79
Ms. Cynthia E. Daugherty '70
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Gantt
Mr. Douglas L. Gardner
Mr. Samuel Wilton Gardner '00 and Ms. Kim Reinhardt Gardner '02
Mr. Robert Allen Garland III '94
Mr. Carleton S. Garrison and Mrs. Cynthia Marie Garrison '84
Mr. William C. Gay and Ms. Carol S. Gay
Lieutenant Colonel Keith Warren Gay '81
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Geiger
Mr. Greg Geisz and Mrs. Lynne Hawks Geisz '90
Ms. Robin Geiulio
Mr. and Mrs. Richard George
Mr. Mark Wesley George, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Gerding
Mrs. Erin Schultz Gibson '99
Mr. John H. Giesen and Mrs. Dana Stickney Giesen '85
Mr. Michael A. Giles and Mrs. Patricia Jones Giles '73
Ms. Laura Ellen Gillenwater '70
Mr. Darryl Gillespie '84
Ms. Wendy Michelle Cox '01
Mr. Paul Githens and Mrs. Suzanne Schneider Githens '80
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Glading
Ms. Diane E. Glover '72
Mr. Robert Green and Mrs. Betty Harris Goins-Green '61
Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Golden
Ms. Jessica M. Goldsmith
Mrs. Suellen Clarke Good '65
Mrs. Jennifer Jennette Gore
Mr. Joseph L. Gorga and Mrs. Carolyn Poli Gorga '73
Mrs. Barbara Cassada Gosney '68
Mr. Larry Gosselin and Mrs. Sheila Crowley Gosselin '82
Mr. and Mrs. Denson Graham
Ms. Marifel Villaflor Gran
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Grason
Mr. Elmer Wayne Gray and Mrs. Barbara Slone Gray '65
Mr. Larry Edwin Greene and Mrs. Cheryl Helstrom Greene '81
Dr. Becky Greer
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Gregory
Dr. Edna Allison Griffenhagen '76
Ms. Sharon Grisham
Mr. Gregory B. Grose and Mrs. Sarah Estep Grose '93
Mr. Robert Groves and Mrs. Yukie Asaoka Groves '67
Mr. William Randolph Grubb II '89 and Mrs. Terri Lynn Grubb
Mr. Matthew J. Webb and Mrs. Nancy Gsell-Webb '75
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Guise
Mr. Michael Gulley and Mrs. Tauna Gulley '98
Mr. and Mrs. David Gust


Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hafey
Ms. Angela Ruth Hagwood '01
Mr. Steve Hale '76 and Mrs. Patricia Hale '73
Ms. Ashley Kathryn Weddle '02
Phyllis Marguerite Hall, EdD '65
Ms. Sandra Jenean Hall '71
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hall
Ms. Alexandra Stewart Hamilton
Mrs. Vanessa Courtois Hampton '01
Ms. Kathryn Jean Hampton '00
Mr. Richard Harkness and Mrs. Peggy Lee Harkness '71
Mr. David Ray Harman '71 and Mrs. Jean P. Harman
Mr. Gerald D. Harman and Mrs. Velma Marie Harman '76
Mr. Billy Wayne Harper, Jr. '82 and Mrs. Heide L. Harper
Mrs. Annetta Loman Harris '52
Mr. Gillette Keith Harris '97 and Mrs. Donna Kay Harris
Mr. Mark W. Harrison '92 and Mrs. Karin Harrison
Ms. Betty Ann Harrison '77
Ms. Sally Ann Harvey '78
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney B. Harvey
Ms. Damaris Dee Hashek
Mr. Richard F. Hasselman '94
Mr. Daniel J. Hawkins '93
Mr. Gary A. Hawkins and Mrs. Sally Wright Hawkins '76
Mr. Ray Wilson Hawley '81 and Mrs. Nancy Harmon Hawley
Mr. Douglas L. Hawpe and Mrs. Jeanne Lomax Hawpe '72
Mr. Charles L. Hayes and Mrs. Betsy Robinson Hayes '78
Mr. Stephen Hecht and Mrs. Margaret Minter Hecht '68
Mr. Robert A. Hemm and Mrs. Jean Murray Hemm '50
Mr. Kyle Warner Hendrick '09 and Mrs. Gail W. Hendrick
Ms. Susan H. Henley '88
Mr. Brandon Hensley '96 and Mrs. Janet Hensley '95
Mr. Byron G. Hensley
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Donald Herb
Mr. Stephen Herbert and Mrs. Kathryn Gaffney Herbert '76
Mr. Robert Herbert and Ms. Ann S. Herbert '65
Mr. and Mrs. Donahue A. Hibbert
Mr. Mickey Hickman '84 and Mrs. Marva Hickman '72
Miss Katherine Lynn Hickok '79
Mr. Daniel Higgins and Mrs. Sandra White Higgins '76
Mr. Michael C. Hildebrand
Mr. George Minor Hill, Jr. and Mrs. Brenda Orange Hill '82
Ms. Debra Ann Hill '03
Ms. Kelly Elizabeth Hilsey
Mr. Joshua Robert Himan '06
Mr. Chad W. Hinegardner '93
Mr. Brian Keith Hines '94 and Mrs. Lori C. Hines
Mr. Jerry N. Hoblit and Mrs. Rosalie Ward Hoblit '58
Mr. Stan Hodges and Mrs. Linda Hodges '79
Ms. Mary Whittaker Hoffman '68
Mr. James Hoffman and Mrs. Lynne Inderbitzin Hoffman '88
Mr. Patrick Forrest Hogan '84
Ms. Rana Dawn Holcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Holmes
Mrs. Patricia Arthur Honts '68
Mr. James W. Horton, Jr. and Mrs. Dianne Cordelia Horton '70
Mr. Donnell Sylvester Howard '88
Ms. Lyndal J. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Howard III
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hrbek
Dr. William E. Hrezo and Dr. Margaret Hrezo
Ms. Theresa Hubbard '78
Mr. Steven P. Hubbard and Mrs. Katherine Dossett Hubbard '83
Mr. Daniel Edwin Huck '06
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Hudgens
Mr. E. Ray Huffman Mrs. Betty Hockett Huffman '80
Dr. Jane Lynne Huffman '76
Mr. Thomas Hughes, Jr. and Mrs. Jeanne McDaniel Hughes '60
Ms. Jaime L. Hunt
Mr. William F. Woolridge, Sr. and
Mrs. Diann Walker Hunter-Woolridge '72
Mr. Keith Hurley '79 and Mrs. Rebecca Hurley '78
Mr. Robert A. Hurst '93 and Mrs. Margaret Blair Hurst
Mrs. Marie McLawhorn Hurt '88
Mr. Douglas Hutcheson and Mrs. Stephanie Hewitt Hutcheson '85
Mr. Charles Hutto '81 and Mrs. Sylvia Hutto '72
Mr. Nelson Hylton and Mrs. Nancy Kautz Hylton '57


Mr. Thomas J. Iafrate
Mr. Brian Lowell Imburg
Mr. Frank Inge and Mrs. Linda West Inge '64
Mr. Wendel Ingram and Mrs. Sharon Markham Ingram '87
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lee Irby
Alden and Judy Irons
Mr. Bruce Shull and Mrs. Alice Marie Irvan '72
Mr. Gary Israel


Dr. John B. Jacob
Mr. and Mrs. Lancelot James
Mr. Calvin R. James and Mrs. Nancy Repass James '50
Ms. Suzanne James
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas James
Ms. Tracy Jansen
Dr. Walter S. Jaronski
Bud and Ann Jeffries
Mr. Donald Jennings and Mrs. Barbara Hale Jennings '62
Mr. Darrell Jessee
Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Javier Jimenez
Colonel Chester F. Johnson
Ms. Freda B. Johnson
Mr. Andrie N. Johnson '93
Mr. Cal Johnson '76 and Mrs. Patricia Johnson '75
Mr. Donald Gene Johnson and Mrs. Deborah Ryan Johnson '76
Mr. John P. Johnson and Mrs. Betty Morris Johnson '76
Ms. Ann Sullivan Johnson '74
Ms. Mary Jean Johnson
Dr. Franklin Jones and Mrs. Virginia Jones '73
Mr. Henry M. Jones and Mrs. Frances Roberts Jones '52
Mr. John M. Jones and Mrs. Glenda Hall Jones '62
Mr. Melvin Glen Jones
Mr. James Carol Jones, Jr.
Mrs. Amy Elizabeth Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jason Jordan
Commander John Edward Joseph '79
Mr. Donald Ray Just Sr.
Ms. Jennifer K. Juul


Mr. Brian Douglas Kahat '86 and Mrs. Libby Kahat
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Francis Kaiser
Mr. Samuel Njuguna Kamau '99
Mr. William F. Kastelberg IV and Mrs. Page Archer Kastelberg '75
Ms. Nitza Kats
Mr. Thomas G. Kegley and Mrs. Rita Quesenberry Kegley '74
Mr. Robert Kelley '85 and Ms. Dawn Kelley '83
Mr. Derrick Kendall '93 and Mrs. Heidi Kendall '93
Mr. James J. Kennedy III and Mrs. Kathleen Jagers Kennedy '71
Mr. John W. Kennedy and Mrs. Linda Peden Kennedy '83
Ms. Amanda Elizabeth Kennedy '05
Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Eunman Kim
Mr. Patrick C. Kincheloe '93 and Mrs. Bernadette Kincheloe
Mr. Frederick King and Mrs. Denise Phlegar King '73
Mr. Larry King and Mrs. Sarah Wimmer King '96
Mr. Jack King
Mr. Thomas Edward Kinker '97 and Mrs. Cara Elizabeth Kinker
Mr. Joe Garnett Kirby III '70 and Mrs. Susan Collins Kirby '66
Dr. Anand Kishore and Dr. Lakshmi Kishore
Mr. Charles Klein and Mrs. Katrina Gay Klein '76
Ms. Anne Holland Kloster '79
Ms. Kelly Carter Knachel '12
Ms. Kathi Knill
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Francis Kody
Ms. Dale E. Kollath
Mr. John Koutze and Mrs. Kathleen McDermott Koutze '86
Mr. Al Kraft and Mrs. Cynthia Forbes Kraft '80
Mr. Jason D. Kruse and Mrs. Kristine Pocsik Kruse '86
Ms. Carolyn Jones Kyle '67


Mr. and Mrs. Roy Edwin Lancraft
Mr. Hunter Douglas Lane '08
Ms. Lisa L. Lang '84
Ms. Carla A. Langjahr '93
Mr. and Mrs. Robert U. Lawall
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Lawhorn
Ms. Celestia Sue Lawrence '83
Mr. Michael Robert Lawrence '97
Mr. Carey Wyatt Lee
Dr. Eunyoung Lee
Mr. Ross Evan Legum '97
Mr. Donald Leighton '94 and Mrs. Katherine Leighton
Dr. Stephen Lenhart and Mrs. Sandra Lenhart '83
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Lerch
Toni McConnell Leslie
Dr. Barbara Thrush Lester '67
Mr. Richard Bowen Lewis and Mrs. Mary E. Lewis '83
Mr. Simuel O. Lewis, Jr. '02
Ms. Marion Shannahan Lewis
Mr. Robert Liddle and Mrs. Claire Ritchie Liddle '72
Mr. Clarence Light and Mrs. Sadie Lovelace Light '54
Mr. Raymond Chien-Li Lin '00
Mr. John Stephen Liskey, Jr. '88
Mr. Jim Little and Mrs. Bonnie Sandridge Little '71
Mr. David A. Lloyd and Mrs. Joyce Anderson Lloyd '59
Mr. Philip Clayton Lobb '01 and Mrs. Laura Elaine Lobb '01
Dr. Robert J. Lockwood and Mrs. Susan W. Lockwood '97
Mr. Scott Longerbeam and Mrs. Lea Trenary Longerbeam '87
Mr. Royce G. Lookabill and Mrs. Jane McClung Lookabill '69
Mr. Billy Looney and Mrs. Mary Helen Looney '53
Mr. Tom Loper '85
Mr. Kevin D. LoPresto
Mr. Richard J. Louden and Mrs. Evelyn Pulley Louden '51
Ms. Edna Bonham Love '71
Mr. Kyle T. Love and Mrs. Nancy Morris Love '75
Vicki Lovings, MD and Mr. Darryl Winston
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lowe
Mr. M. John Lubetkin and Mrs. Linda Liddle Lubetkin '65
Ms. Eupha Mae Lucas
Mr. Lewis Berkley Lucas '71 and Mrs. Patricia P. Lucas
Mr. Aaron W. Ludwig '93
Mr. Eric Lusty and Mrs. Carol Freedman Lusty '79
Ms. Kailey E. Lynch and Ms. Sherry Thurman Lynch '70
Mr. Paul Anthony Lytton, Jr. '93


Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kent Mac Adams
Mrs. Carla Dooley MacCue '69
Ms. Carol MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Francis Maher
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mangrum
Mr. Calvin Mansfield and Mrs. Dianne Jordan Mansfield '74
Ms. Peggy Novak Maple '74
Mr. Randy J. Marcus
Mr. Robert Andrew Marias
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Marks
Mr. Paul T. Marrow, Jr. and Mrs. Rosemarie Scheffel Marrow '54
Mr. Herbert Marsh and Mrs. Claire Lockett Marsh '69
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ferguson Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Marshall II
Mr. Thomas Martin and Mrs. Jane Harris Martin '73
Mr. Roger Nelson Martin '77 and Mrs. Cindy Martin
Mr. John Grant Martin, Jr. and Mrs. Jenny Moore Martin '93
Mr. Parrish J. Martin '95
Ms. Pamela Martin
Mr. Samuel Mask '90 and Mrs. Cathy Mask
Mr. Mason Masters and Mrs. Julie Dorr Masters '92
Mr. William Francis Mastrianna '78
Mr. Mark Franklin Mathews '91
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Matty
Mr. Greg Mays '88 and Mrs. Jackie Mays '88
Mrs. Colleen Marie McAllister '87
Ms. Christine Marie McCabe
Mrs. Marjorie Reese McCallister '69
Mr. William McClanahan and Mrs. Martha Clendenen McClanahan '53
Mr. and Mrs. Mark McClellan
Ms. Jane Connor McCollum
Mrs. Delilah Graham McConnell
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby McConnell
Mr. William J. McConnell
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett McConnell, Jr.
Mr. Bruce Joseph McCord '85 and Mrs. Renee Rappaport McCord
Ms. Susan Mary McCrea '98
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McDaniel II
Ms. Constance M. McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll McDonald
Mr. Richard McDonough and Mrs. Deborah McGavock McDonough '79
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGee, Jr.
Mr. Thomas Wiley McGhee '74 and Mrs. Joyce Hedrick McGhee '92
Ms. Angela Marie McGoldrick '06
Mrs. Elizabeth Anne McGuiness
Mr. Jim McGuire '89 and Mrs. Susan McGuire '89
Dr. Trudy Brazier McKee '68 and James Robert McKee
Mrs. Mary McLaren McLaren-Wood '91
Mr. Daniel Walker McLean '08
Mr. James Patrick McMahon II '13
Mr. Michael D. McManus and Mrs. Margaret DeHart McManus '87
Mr. Edward James McMurrer '88 and Mrs. Laura McMurrer
Mr. David Evan McNeill '14
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Edward McSweeney
Mrs. Shirley Flaherty McVeigh '50
Ms. Rebecca Ann Mehaffey '83
Mr. H.C. Mentz and Mrs. Pamela Miller Mentz '74
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allen Merchant
Mrs. Helen Whitlock Meredith '55
Ms. Sarah E. Merkle '94
Mr. Tom Mifflin and Mrs. Judy Fenstermaker Mifflin '92
Mr. Roger L. Milburn and Mrs. Linda Rosenberger Milburn '68
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Miles
Mr. James Miles and Mrs. Sue Jackson Miles '55
Dr. Diane C. Millar
Ms. Martha Nancy Miller '70
Ms. Madeleine Miller '70
Mr. Mark Thomas Mills '81 and Mrs. Janice Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Raymond Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Mills
Mr. Patrick Milmoe and Mrs. Kay Mann Milmoe '60
Dr. Janet S. Milton
Ms. Marta Mabel Miranda '96
Dr. Douglas M. Mitchell
Mr. and Ms. Christopher Keith Mitchell
Mr. David Mollenhauer and Mrs. Jennifer Fortwengler Mollenhauer '97
Mr. Casey Moloney and Mrs. Kimberly Carter Moloney '79
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Molthen
Mr. Mark Patrick Moody '88
Ms. Brandi Nicole Moore '02
Ms. Jennifer Carole Morgan '87
Mrs. Robin Michelle Moroney
Mrs. Anne Purcell Morris '48
Mr. Clarence Morris, Jr.
Ms. Catherine Morris
Mr. Michael Turner Morrissett and Ms. Frances Whitman Morrissett '77
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Graydon Moss III
Mr. John Alistair Murison, Jr. '77
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murn
Mr. Johnny E. Murray
Mr. Bill Myers


Ms. Diane R. Naff '09
Mr. Ronnie Naff and Mrs. Regina Turley Naff '73
Mr. and Mrs. Viroj Nanamchiew
Ms. Carol Nasiatka
Ms. Linda Ann Natale '73
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass C. Nelson
Mrs. Jean Pedigo Nelson '52
Ms. Judith Darlene Nelson '68
Mr. Bruce Neville and Mrs. Cynthia Neville '72
Dr. Janette K. Newhouse '69 and Mr. Fred Newhouse
Mr. Paul Newman
Mr. Mark Newman and Mrs. Carolyn Zirkle Newman '88
Mrs. Rebecca Nichols
Dr. and Mrs. Tyler Nickel
Mr. Alexander Huston Niemela '02
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry P. Nini
Mr. Kerry Lawrence Nunn '80 and Mrs. Nancy Nunn
Mr. Graham Allen Nuttycombe and Mrs. Susan Norris Nuttycombe '83


Mr. Samuel G. Oakey III and Mrs. Mitzi Baker Oakey '79
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Earl Oates
Mr. Richard B. Obenshain '98 and Mrs. Cynthia Obenshain
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O'Braitis
Mr. Steve Chad O'Brien '89
Mr. Frank Xavier O'Connor '96 and Mrs. Katherine C. O'Connor '96
Mr. James Ocque and Mrs. Nancy Deaton Ocque '57
Mr. Charles L. Oddenino and Mrs. Johnsie Roberts Oddenino '64
Ms. Sharon S. O'Donnell
Mr. Michael Patrick O'Keefe and Mrs. Christine Nelson O'Keefe '84
Mr. Ignatius Mmere Onyeador '79 and Mrs. Florence Onyeador
Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Edward Osborn '86
Mr. Delmas Overby and Mrs. Susan Reid Overby '71
Dr. Stephen S. Owen
Mr. Jeffrey Owens '84 and Mrs. Deborah Owens '84
Mr. Terrell Owens


Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Barry Padgett
Ms. Sandra Doretha Paige '90
Mr. John Palko, Jr. '74
Mr. William G. Moir and Mrs. Chris Pappas-Moir '69
Mr. William Howard Parcells, Jr. and Mrs. Patricia Howerton Parcells '65
Mr. and Mrs. George Edward Parks, Jr.
Mr. Ronald David Parsons '83 and Mrs. Carol Barker Parsons '83
Ms. Ethel Lee Patch '60
Mr. Stephen Patten
Mr. Kirt Douglas Patterson '90 and Mrs. Traci Patterson
Mr. Arthur Payne, Jr. '87 and Mrs. Laura Kathryn Payne '89
Ms. Rosemarie Mazzoni Payne '79
Mr. Jody Payne and Mrs. Mercie Mitchell Payne '01
Miss Erika Suzanne Perdue '97
Dr. Eugene A. Periman and Mrs. Barbara Dana Periman '74
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Petty
Mr. Christopher William Francoise and Ms. Janet Porter Peyton
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pfister
Dr. Robert H. Phillips
Ms. Connie A. Phillips '02
Mr. Kirk Phillips and Mrs. Cheryl Reaves Phillips '73
Mr. P. D Phillips and Mrs. Jo Jennings Phillips '68
Ms. Julia Dean Davidson '85
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen John Pike
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Pine, Jr.
Mr. Paul Pinson and Mrs. Kathy Windle Pinson '74
Mr. Mick M. Moss and Ms. Mary Ellen Theresa Plitt '86
Mr. Jeffrey William Plummer '84
Ms. Hilda Jean Plzak '87
Mr. Jason Charles Pogue '00 and Mrs. Hillary Pogue
Mr. Mark Andrew Poirot '02
Mr. Edward Polen and Mrs. Barbara Cox Polen '72
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Anthony Pollifrone
Mr. Joey P. Pontanilla '92 and Mrs. Melissa Pontanilla
Mr. Patrick Stephen Poole and Mrs. Candice Culbertson Poole '90
Mr. David Pope and Mrs. Laura Sies Pope '84
Ms. Brenda Crockett Porter '62
Mr. Joseph R. Potter and Mrs. Deborah Chisholm Potter '80
Mr. Alvin Daryl Powell '95
Ms. Janet Coffey Powell
Dr. Elizabeth A. Power-deFur
Dr. Karen E. Francl
Ms. Allison C. Pratt
Mr. Larry Lionel Price '82 and Mrs. Daynette Law Price '85
Mrs. Barbara Showalter Price '66
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lynn Price
Mr. Charles Madison Price and Mrs. Susan Pendleton Price '86
Dr. Anita Holm Prince '69
Mr. Stephen Richard Pugh '90 and Mrs. Christina Pugh
Mr. Bobby Strange Putnam, Jr. '91 and Mrs. Carole Putnam


Mr. Rodney Quesenberry and Mrs. Laura N. Quesenberry '90
Mr. Phillip H. Quesenberry and Mrs. Judith Hutto Quesenberry '72
Ms. Kelly Allison Quesinberry '01
Mr. James Warren Quigley '79 and Mrs. Lolly M. Quigley


Mr. Gerald Joseph Radican '89 and Mrs. Michele Trippel-Radican, M.D
Mr. John Raiden and Mrs. Rebecca Lowe Raiden '70
Ms. Maureen Berry Raimo '76
Ms. Donna Ison Raines '60
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L Rakes
Mr. Edward L. Ramsey and Ms. Judith Hodges Ramsey '69
Mrs. Susan Pennington Ranck
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Ransone
Mr. William J. Ratliff and Mrs. Doris Richardson Ratliff '68
Mr. Michael Ray and Mrs. M. Tamberlaine Ray '90
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Daniel Reeder
Mr. Keith Reese and Ms. Katherine Adcock Reese '76
Mr. Wilton Max Rhea '64 and Mrs. Barbara Carter Rhea
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baylor Rice, Jr.
Mr. Herman Lee Richards '95 and Mrs. Christine Elizabeth Richards '95
Mr. Scott Rickard
Mr. J. Dave Rickard
Mr. Edward M. Ridout and Mrs. Elizabeth Jones Ridout '73
Mrs. Rebecca Mayhew Ridpath '60
Mrs. Susan Louise Rieves-Austin '86
Ms. Jo Ellen Rife '75
Mr. Paul Allen Riley '77 and Ms. Libby Donnally Riley
Dr. Ann Mary Roberts '95
Ms. Laura Lynn Robertson '83
Mr. Bernard Robins and Mrs. Deborah Tucker Robins '74
Ms. Babs Price Robinson '64
Dr. Tammy R. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Jerome Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Neil Rochlin
Mr. John W. Rochon and Mrs. Debra Carlberg Rochon '74
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Olav Roko
Mr. John A. Rollison and Mrs. Patricia Ward Rollison '71
Mrs. Ethel Williams Ropp '69
Mrs. Kay Beard Rosenthal '87
Mr. Ian Ross and Mrs. Colleen Maher Ross '91
Mrs. Karen Ross
Ms. Sally Welsh Roth '58
Mr. Edward Rourke and Mrs. Lynn Denise Rourke '81
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rowley
Mr. Eugene Rudd and Mrs. Nora Strawn Rudd '59
Mr. James Tyrrell Ruland '92 and Mrs. Nuvia Ruland
Mr. Joseph Allen Rummel '13
Mr. Phillip Runyan
Mr. Bill Russell and Mrs. Frances Kirby Russell '76
Mr. and Mrs. William Douglas Russell


Mr. Nevin Ashley Sadarananda '85 and Mrs. Georgia Dela Cruz
Mr. Bruce Marc Salad and Mrs. Zevie Bayley Gottlieb
Mr. Michael Saponaro and Mrs. Loretta Ramsey Saponaro '86
Mr. and Mrs. Howard O. Saunders
Mr. Roy E. Saville and Mrs. Lisa Kay Saville '86
Dr. Tracy Lynn Sawyer '88 and Mr. Robert Thomas Sawyer '90
Mr. Martin Christopher Sayer '09
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scarpa
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scarpa
Mr. James Shannon Schabacker '85
Mr. Christopher Schall and Mrs. Sally Anne Schall '90
Dr. Katherine Giorgianni Schetz '81
Dr. and Mrs. Gary R. Schirr
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schlickenmeyer
Mr. Stephen Paul Schmitter and Mrs. Jacqueline Denise Schmitter '86
Mr. Paul Walter Schulz '76 and Marylou Schulz
Ms. Tamara Schuster '95
Dr. William D. Scott and Ms. Peggy W. Scott '93
Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Scutellaro
Mr. Derek Alann Seay and Ms. Lisa G. Seay '07
Ms. Deana Lynn Sentman '09
Ms. Teresa Clark Setliff '07
Ms. Erin Kathleen Sexton '03
Mr. Ed Shackelford and Mrs. Judith Kathleen Shackelford '67
Mr. David Shawn Shaup '08
Mr. Bradley Alan Shean '87 and Mrs. Melissa Gail Shean '87
Ms. Letty Ann Shearer '73
Mr. John Patrick Shelburne '96
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Sheldon
Mr. James Shell and Mrs. Kimberly Croxton Shell '90
Mr. Donald Shelor and Mrs. Terri Beamer Shelor '93
Ms. Nichole N. Shepherd
Mr. Joshua Blaine Shepherd '01
Mr. William H. Shorter, Jr.
Mr. Kenny Shorter and Mrs. Carol Winters Shorter '66
Mr. Richard Shumaker and Mrs. Michele Williams Shumaker '87
Ms. Mallory Fischler Shurtz '09
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Sichol
Mr. Everette Scott Sikes
Ms. Carrie Lynn Silliman
Mrs. Deborah Lane Simons
Mr. Charles F. Sisco, Jr. and Mrs. Nancy Jane Sisco '56
Mr. John K. Skelton and Mrs. Bonnie Moran Skelton '81
Mrs. Lora Irish Slack '91
Mr. James Slusher and Mrs. Lee Jordan Slusher '84
Dr. Christine J. Small
Mr. Brian Woodrow Smart '04
Mr. Martin Cambron Smith '98 and Mrs. Elaine E. Smith '99
Dr. George Smith, Jr. and Mrs. Mildred Smith
Mr. David L. Smith and Mrs. Ann Huber Smith '73
Mr. and Mrs. Philip James Smith
Ms. Margaret Ann Smith '51
Dr. Martin Francis Smith '75
Dr. G. R. Smith, Jr.
Ms. Melissa Jo Smith '84
Mr. Michael Kerry Smith '95
Mr. Ian George Smith and Mrs. Gina Morra Smith '95
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ward Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Smith
Mr. William Mack Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Brian Smith
Ms. Patricia Lynn Smith-Solan
Mr. Brett R. Snell '08 and Ms. Jaleh Michelle Jaboori '10
Mr. David J. Snooks
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Snowden
Mr. C. Earl Snyder, Jr. and Ms. Mary Crandol Snyder '65
Mr. Abel Edwards Solademi '81
Mr. Ray T. Sorrell and Mrs. Connie Sprouse Sorrell '72
Mr. Brian Spangler and Mrs. Cynthia Rice Spangler '90
Mr. Frank W. Spath III and Mrs. Mary Richards Spath '52
Mr. Ian P. Spooner '98 and Mrs. Kathryn Spooner
Mr. Christopher J. Spoth and Mrs. Elizabeth Segovia Spoth '78
Mr. David W. Spraker and Mrs. Rexene Davis Spraker '50
Dr. Diane Mar Spresser '65
Ms. Chandana Sreerambhatla
Mr. Robert E. St. John and Mrs. Mary Farias St. John '81
Mr. James R. Stafford '88 and Mrs. Jennifer Crockett Stafford '87
Ms. Annmarie Stapor '06
Mr. Andrew Warner Steinbach '87
Mr. Robert A. Steorts and Mrs. Gladys Madison Steorts '63
Dr. Stephen Kurt Stephenson '86
Mr. Christopher Sterling and Mrs. Caron Corbit Sterling '92
Mr. James Felton Stewart II '96 and Mrs. Elizabeth Harris Stewart
Mrs. Kay Burner Stilwell '62
Ms. E. Louise Stone '69
Mr. Roderick Alexander Street '85
Mr. Robert Strenz and Mrs. Cheri Coulon Strenz '73
Mrs. Mary Lee Strong
Mr. Hugh Wayne Stubblefield '87 and Mrs. Claudine Stubblefield
Mr. James Carmon Stutts '78 and Mrs. Cynthia Stutts
Ms. Kathleen Marie Sullivan
Mr. Lawrence Sullivan and Mrs. Candy Caudle Sullivan '78
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Edwin Sullivan
Mrs. Doris Clement Surratt '70
Mrs. Carol Gwinn Sutherland '58
Mr. Craig Sutherland and Mrs. Rita LaForce Sutherland '86
Mr. Kim Ray Suthers '83 and Mrs. Becky Suthers
Mr. Robert L. Swain, Jr. '91 and Mrs. Patricia B. Swain '95
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Robert Sweeney
Mr. Doug Swing and Mrs. Jane C. Swing '95


Mr. and Mrs. William S. Tarkington
Mrs. Amy Fudge Tate '87
Ms. Robin Rodgers Tatina '80
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gorman Taylor
Ms. Margaret Anne Taylor '76
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Taylor
Ms. Israel Temesgen '74
Ms. Julie A. Temple
Mr. Scott Raymond Terrell '98 and Mrs. Denise Terrell
Mr. Jack M. Thaler and Mrs. Kristine Ennis Thaler '73
Mr. Stephen Martin Theriault '08
Dr. James Warren Thompson '85
Mr. Danny L. Thompson and Mrs. Martha Hale Thompson '81
Mrs. Anna Katherine Thompson '63
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Neil Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Thornhill
Mr. and Mrs. E. Tigani
Ms. Denise Ann Tillema
Mr. Edward Tomlinson
Dr. Hsin-Min Tong
Mr. Daniel L. Toothman and Mrs. Ann Leo Toothman '68
Mr. Scot Alan Townshend '90 and Mrs. Bonita Blunk Townshend '89
Mr. Charles Wyse Trent IV '83 and Mrs. Karen Wirt Trent
Mr. Preston Graham Trible '79 and Mrs. Olivia Trible
Mr. Thomas Triplett and Mrs. Bonnie Butler Triplett '73
Mrs. Mary Jane Martin Trope '55
Mr. Paul Markey Tselepis '01
Mrs. Barbara Z. Tuck '02
Mr. William R. Tucker and Mrs. Joanne Osborne Tucker '62
Mr. Edward Turner and Mrs. Betty Sturdivant Turner '83
Mr. and Mrs. Robert William Turner III
Mr. L. Bradley Turner '99 and Mrs. Leigh Garfield Turner
Mr. Dennis J. Turpin and Mrs. Sheila Branch Turpin '80
Ms. Kathleen M. Tyminski


Dr. Edward Udd
Mr. Thomas Underhill and Mrs. Angela Sheppard Underhill '86
Dr. Premchand Uppuluri
Mr. Alex Urquhart and Ms. Judith Christie Urquhart '80


Dr. Carmel J. Vaccare
Mrs. Norah Valoyi
Mr. Peter G. Vandenberg and Mrs. Sarah Neily Vandenberg '66
Ms. Nancy VanFossen
Ms. Amy Lane VanKirk
Ms. Caitlin Vargas Cissel
Mr. Marshall D. Vaughan and Mrs. Catherine Stewart Vaughan '77
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Vaughn
Mr. James P. Veatch, Jr. and Mrs. Laura Coleman Veatch '57
Dr. Charles L. Vehorn
Lieutenant Colonel Candace Hamilton Velez '72
Mr. Christopher Vest and Mrs. Vaile Bliss Vest '85
Mr. Daniel Paul Vey '89
Mr. Dean G. Vincent and Mrs. Kim Joyner Vincent '80
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Arthur Vohden, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Garry vom Lehn
Mr. Warren David Vrescak and Mrs. Kelly Connor Vrescak '86


Mr. Myles Nathan Wade '08
Mr. Stephen Clark Wade '03
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Wade
Dr. Melinda B. Wagner
Mrs. Evelyn Cook Waits '47
Mr. Allie Waldron and Mrs. Barbara Fuller Waldron '64
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Wales
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Christopher Walinski
Dr. Grayson W. Walker and Mrs. Christine Poole Walker '67
Mr. Thomas B. Walker and Mrs. Roslyn Simon Walker '74
Ms. Terri Elizabeth Walker
Mrs. Carolyn Hudson Wallace '64
Mr. H. Madison Walton and Mrs. Ellen Hall Walton '68
Mr. John Walvius and Mrs. Barbara Pilson Walvius '63
Mr. John Wang
Mr. Carl J. Ward and Mrs. Beth Sutherland Ward '82
Mr. Mark Corwin Warnecki and Mrs. Cindy Marie Warnecki '88
Mrs. Mabbot P. Warren
Mackenzie Pierce Wartenberger
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Watson
Mr. Brian Neil Webb '01 and Mrs. Angela Wall Webb
Mr. William David Webb '84 and Mrs. Virginia Bennett Webb
Mr. Jimmy D. Webster
Mr. Jonathan Scott Webster
Mr. and Mrs. L. Garrett Weddle
Mr. Edward J. Weihs and Mrs. Bettye Robinson Weihs '69
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Welch
Mr. Marc Andrew Welsh '95
Mr. Dennis E. West
Mr. Donald L. Wheeler
Ms. Sheila Ann Whetzel '73
Dr. Robert C. Whisonant and Mrs. Brenda L. Whisonant '82
Mr. Joseph White and Mrs. Susan White '84
Mr. Mark E. White
Mr. David Mason White '79 and Mrs. Kathy White
Mrs. Merle Helm White '53
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Edward White
Mr. Peter White
Mr. Paul Whitehead, Jr. and Mrs. Sandra Stone Whitehead '68
Mr. Tom Whitehead and Mrs. Diane Clary Whitehead '69
Mr. Marc Mebane and Mrs. Whitney Cline-Mebane '93
Mr. Mark Edward Wiggins '85
Mr. Mike Wilcox and Mrs. Tina Yow Wilcox '83
Mr. Chris Wiles '89 and Mrs. Lynn Wiles '88
Mr. Darrell Dwayne Williams '90 and Mrs. Michelle Bitney Williams
Mr. Matthew Carl Williams and Mrs. Susan Hoggard Williams '70
Mr. Ralph Williams and Mrs. Mary Whelan Williams '78
Mr. Thomas Alexander Williams, Jr. '75
Mr. and Mrs. Perry A. Williams
Mrs. Mary Lynn Ackerman Willis
Mr. Richard Harry Willoughby '85 and Mrs. Ann Millirons Willoughby '84
Dr. Nancy Wilson
Mr. Dan Wilson and Mrs. Madeline Jackson Wilson '72
Ms. Nancy Osborne Winborne '74
Mr. and Ms. Erick Winegar
Mr. Russell McClung Wise and Ms. Alicia Purdy Wise '78
Mr. T. J. Witten '88 and Mrs. Teresa Witten '88
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Wohlgemuth
Mr. Keith Wood and Mrs. Nancy Slusser Wood '56
Mr. David Wood and Ms. Patricia Fitzsimmons
Ms. Karen Marie Wood
Dr. Martin J. Woodard '98 and Mrs. Dodie Lynn Woodard '98
Mrs. Betty Jefferson Woodcock '68
Mrs. Joyce Crute Woodson
Mr. Steven Wright Woodward '81 and Mrs. Geniel K. Woodward
Mr. David Edward Woolwine '85
Mr. James D. Worley and Mrs. Linda Moon Worley '64
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Wright
Mr. Jamie Wyatt and Mrs. Lorie Fiegl Wyatt '94


Mr. and Mrs. Bill Yerrick
Mr. James York and Mrs. Phyllis Durkin York '74
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ivan Young
Mr. William Lee Younger, Jr. '65
Ms. Alycia Allen Yowell-Many '98


Ms. Jessie Lyn Zahorian '01
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Zahorian
Ms. Catherine Ann Zickafoose '80
Ms. Mary Bishop Zimmerman '61