Charter ($1,000 - $2,499)

* deceased
+ matching gift


Dr. Michael G. Aamodt and Ms. Bobbie Leigh Raynes ’93
The Honorable and Mrs. Steve Agee
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Alvarez
Mr. Steven Arkon
Mr. James Alva Ashurst ’95 and Mrs. Leigh Ashurst


Mr. Richard Albert Baynton, MBA ’98 and Mrs. Elaine H. Baynton*
Mr. Jean-Pierre Beckham ’87 and Mrs. Dana Beckham
Mr. Reginald C. Berry and Mrs. Karen Garner Berry ’72
Dr. William D. Bishop* and Mrs. Beverley Bishop
Dr. Nathaniel Leon Bishop ’88
Mr. Arthur L. Black Jr. and Mrs. Carolyn Anderson Black ’66+
Ms. Denise Boor
Mr. A. P. Boxley and Mrs. Dale Snead Boxley ’69
Dr. Charles C. Boyd Jr. and Dr. Donna C. Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bridgeman


Mr. Stephen Cagle ’89 and Mrs. Ann Cagle ’85
Mr. David Campbell and Mrs. Mary Waugh Campbell ’71
Mr. Larry Joseph Carpenter
Dr. Derek Klinedinst and Mrs. Krisha Chachra
Dr. Joseph D. Chase and Dr. Melissa W. Chase ’87
Dr. John Bryan Chomeau
Mr. J. Frank Clark and Mrs. Palma Moyer Clark ’73, M.S. ’77
Miss Louise Clendenen ’60
Mr. Jorge W. Coartney and Ms. Andrea H. Coartney ’03
Mr. Daren Colaiacovo ’91 and Mrs. Diane Ivens Colaiacovo ’91
Ms. Sue Coleman
Mr. Brian Thomas Connelly ’90 and Mrs. Jennifer Connelly
Mr. Gary Cornwell and Mrs. Laura Bireley Cornwell ’73
John and Ann Marie Cox
Mr. Ronal D. Cox
Mr. Joseph David Craig and Mrs. Cynthia Willis Craig ’84
Mr. Mark Stephen Curran ’82 and Mrs. Jacqueline M. Curran
Ms. Charlene Adele Curtis ’76


Mr. William C. Davis and Mrs. Sandra C. Cupp Davis
Mr. Timothy Mark Davis ’84 and Mrs. Erin Davis
Mr. Mike DeFilippo ’90 and Mrs. Rita DeFilippo ’90+
Ms. Helen Baddour Deneka
Mr. Nicholas H. Des Champs and Mrs. Becky Moles Des Champs ’66
Ms. Margaret T. Devaney
Ms. Renee L. Dillon
Mr. John W. Donehower and Mrs. Liz Cayton Donehower ’69
Mr. Ralph B. Doud and Mrs. Virginia Cook Doud ’75, M.S. ’80
Mr. Barry T. Duff and Ms. Sherry A. Duff
Mr. Michael Louis Duffer and Mrs. Kathie Applegate Duffer ’85


Dr. John C. Nemeth and Dr. Grace T. Edwards


Ms. Sherry L. Fisher ’85
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Flory
Mr. John C. Franks and Mrs. Janice Adkins Franks ’78+
Mr. Todd Frazier ’85 and Mrs. Alice Frazier ’87


Mr. James A. Garlock and Mrs. Mary E. Power ’65
Mr. Michael Ean Ginsburg ’99 and Mrs. Dawn Piedel Ginsburg ’99
Dr. Dennis O. Grady and Ms. Martha Stephenson
The Honorable Patrick Graybeal and Mrs. Jill Lobach Graybeal ’68


Ms. Barbara Haber
Mr. Jamal Afif Haddad ’80
Mr. Christian D. Harshberger
Mr. Andrew Hartley and Mrs. Amy Hartley
Dr. and Mrs. Rollin James Hawley
Dr. and Mrs. R. Graham Hoskins
Mr. Robert Houck and Mrs. Shirley Lumsden Houck ’70
Major Gregory Vance Humble ’01
Mr. Christopher Sean Huther ’88 and Mrs. Lisa Huther


Dr. Laura J. Jacobsen
Ms. Marci T. Jenkins
Mrs. Rebecca Jones Johnson ’50
Dr. Susan W. Johnston and Mr. Joseph S. Johnston
Dr. Myrl G. Jones and Mrs. Lorene Jones
Mr. Todd N. Joyce ’99 and Ms. Dana D. Joyce ’91


Mr. and Mrs. Danny M. Kemp
Mr. Eric Everett Key ’86 and Mrs. Robin Lynn Key+
Mr. Wayne Paul Klotz ’78 and Mrs. Mary Burks Klotz
Mr. Kirk Blair Knott ’85 and Mrs. Kerry Newcombe
1st Lt. Michael Krongaard ’88 and Mrs. Kim Thomas Krongaard ’87


Dr. and Mrs. Rogers F. Lambert
Mr. Lawrence Laramay and Mrs. Karen Lackey Laramay ’78+
Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Lefko
Mrs. Eleaner Otto Leftwich ’58
Mrs. Etta Osborne Legner ’66
Dr. Ned Lester and Dr. Rosalyn M. Lester
Mr. James R. Lewis and Mrs. Mary Bell Lewis ’71+
Mr. Kevin Michael Libby ’88 and Mrs. Patricia Libby
Mr. Robert G. Lineburg
Mr. Norman G. Lineburg and Mrs. Joann Young Lineburg ’60, M.S. ’72
Dr. Cynthia P. Lyon ’69 and Mr. James W. Lyon


Mr. Albert Mah ’85 and Mrs. Rhonda Counts Mah ’87
Ms Lindsay Marti
Mr. Curtis J. Martin II ’92 and Mrs. Mary Johnson Martin
Mr. Claude Novel Martin III ’87 and Mrs. Jackie Lee Martin ’89
Ms. Martha Clark Martin ’42
Ms. Amanda J. Martin
Mr. Gregory Scott McCarthy ’85 and Mrs. Melissa McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby McConnell
Mr. Garland McKenzie and Mrs. Barbara Emory McKenzie ’79
Ms. Catherine Harvey McLean
Mr. Michael Anthony Miano ’85 and Mrs. Heather K. Miano ’91
Dr. Patrick B. Mikesell
Mrs. Billie Linder Mills ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Moore
Dr. David J. Moore and Mrs. Priscilla M. Moore, M.S. ’68
Mr. Kenneth Harris Moore Jr. and Mrs. Pam Propst Moore ’85


Dr. Dennis Napier and Mrs. Ginny Byset Napier ’74
Mr. Robert L. Nicholson III
Ms. Holly C. Novak+
Mr. Matthew John Novak ’88+


Mr. Ed Oakes ’92 and Mrs. Melissa Oakes ’92
Mr. Robert B. Oliver and Mrs. Jo Anne Hylton Oliver ’56


Ms. Dale Parris ’85
Mr. John Payne ’79 and Mrs. Susan Payne ’79
Mr. Rick E. Pearson ’93 and Mrs. Laura L. Pearson ’92
Mr. James A. Pennix, M.S. ’01 and Mrs. Lisa Pennix
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perrin, Jr.+
Estate of Peggy Joyce Phillips*
Dr. Christine K. F. Hermann and Mr. Stephen C. Pond+
Mr. Julian Price


Mrs. Elizabeth Quillin+


Mr. Thomas Stephen Raup ’80
Mr. Harry Richardson Jr. ’75 and Mrs. Wanda Stone Richardson
Mr. David C. Ridpath and Mrs. Lisa H. Ridpath ’91, MBA ’99
Mr. Steve Arnette Robinson ’81, M.S. '85 and Mrs. Lisa L. Robinson
Mr. Michael A. Robinson ’01 and Ms. Nicole C. Robinson ’02
Ms. Teresa Roebuck and Mr. Michael Rodarte
Dr. and Mrs. J. Orion Rogers
Mr. Terrence Joseph Rooney ’96 and Mrs. Shaun Rooney
Mr. David W. Roop+
Ms. Margaret C. Rowell
Mr. Leslie Clary Rucker Jr. and Mrs. Gail M. Rucker ’67+


Ms. Andjelka Saban
Mr. Richard Douglas Schwein Jr. ’83 and Mrs. Sue Schwein
Mr. George Scott and Mrs. Wanda Scott
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Semones
Dr. Mark G. Shanley and Ms. Pamela J. Shanley
Ms. Donna Stewart Sharits
Mr. Chris M. Shockley ’92 and Mrs. Kyle R. Shockley ’93
Mr. Enrique A. Silberblatt
Mr. Richard D. Sisson Jr. and Mrs. Glena Dunn Sisson ’69
Mr. John Strauch Jr. and Mrs. Paula Strauch ’83


Mr. Frank Taylor and Mrs. Ellen S. Taylor ’92
Dr. and Mrs. Chuck Taylor
Mr. Anthony Testa and Mrs. Christine Anne Testa ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Thrift
Mr. Kenneth Haven Tickle Jr. ’80
Dr. Kiertisak Toh
Mr. Thomas Nicholas Troisi and Mrs. Jacqueline Bahre Troisi ’78+
Mrs. Barbara Z. Tuck ’02
Mr. Jimmy Turk and Mrs. Allison Blanding Turk ’93
The Honorable James C. Turk* and Mrs. Barbara D. Turk


Mr. Kent Thorton Warren ’91 and Mrs. Jenny Warren
Mr. David A. Taylor and Mrs. Linda Whitley-Taylor ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Wray
Mr. Jon Wyatt and Mrs. Mary Trigg Wyatt ’63


Mr. Robert Brandon Younger and Mrs. Haven Ames Younger ’85


Mr. and Mrs. Richard James Zurak