President's Circle


The President's Circle recognizes cumulative lifetime contributions of $100,000 or more in support of the university.

Platinum ($1,000,000 or more)

Dr. H. Pat Artis and Mrs. Nancy E. Artis ’73
Carilion Clinic
Cedar Valley, LLC
Mrs. Matsue Yamazaki Dewese
Jessie Ball duPont Fund
Mr. Robert H. Hovis III and Mrs. Mary Ann Hovis ’65
Mr. Randal J. Kirk ’76
McGlothlin Family Foundation
Mr. Elbert Waldron* and Mrs. Evelyn Waldron*
The Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation

Gold ($500,000 – $999,000)

Mr. Hix Bondurant* and Mrs. Lil Bondurant*
Mr. Charles P. Brewer Jr.*
Ms. Margaret JoAnn Cooper*
Mr. Patrick D. Cupp* and Mrs. Sandra C. Cupp Davis
Dr. Roger de la Burde*
Mr. Adolph Dehn*
Dr. Fernande A. Gard*
Mr. Michael S. Hurt ’94 and Mrs. Sally Hurt
Mr. Thomas D. Irvin* and
Mrs. Frances Umberger Irvin ’51*
Ms. Mae Jennings ’34*
Kresge Foundation
Medical Facilities of America
Mr. H. Lane Middleton and Mrs. Rosemary Sue Middleton ’78
Montag Family Foundation
Dr. Johann A. Norstedt
Mr. Peter D. Pruden* and Mrs. Phyllis Stancil Pruden
Scottish Rite Foundation of Virginia
Mr. Paul Sioros and Mrs. Shirley Sioros*
Dr. Joseph Falkinham III and Mrs. Georgia Anne Snyder-Falkinham
Virginia Council of Higher Education
Mr. Melburn S. Williams
Hazel Winesett ’38*

Sterling ($250,000 – $499,000)

Alliant Techsystems Foundation
Mr. William L. Allman Jr. and Mrs. Jennie Teass Allman ’67
Mr. Morris N. Baldwin* and Mrs. Marie Baldwin*
Mr. John C. Bingham and Mrs. Jo Ann Bingham
Mr. John Hargrove Bowles
C. E. Richardson Benevolent Foundation
Ms. Ruth Marie Cronise ’55*
Dr. E. M. Cube and Mrs. Shirley Cube
Mr. Don Dame, M.S. ’82 and
Mrs. Patricia Wheeler Dame ’79
Mr. William C. Davis and Mrs. Sandra C. Cupp Davis
Mrs. Elma Eloise Dowdy ’47*
Ms. Norma Johnson Farrell ’67
First Radford LLC
Dr. Marcella J. Griggs ’84
Ms. Kathryn Fritz Gump*
Ms. Susan Foster Hanger ’70
Mr. Leonard Harris and Mrs. Melva Lunceford Harris ’60
Ms. Patricia Gwen Jacobs ’08
Mrs. Rebecca Jones Johnson ’50
Dr. William W. King and Mrs. Cornelia A. King
Mr. Robert Scott LaRose ’90
Mrs. Dorothy Strader Moore ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Nolan
Mr. Jeffrey Monroe Price ’86 and Mrs. Harriet B. Price
Nancy Necessary Pridemore ’40*
Radford University Alumni Association
Radford University General Fund
Joyce Reynders ’65*
Mr. Michael Roché and Mrs. Joan Gunter Roché ’64
Mr. Peter R. W. Roughton Jr. and
Mrs. Patricia Langford Roughton ’72
Mr. James L. Sink, M.S. ’75 and
Mrs. Doris Grey Sink ’74, M.S. ’77
SunTrust Foundation
The Honorable James C. Turk* and Mrs. Barbara D. Turk
Union First Market Bank
Virginia Health Care Foundation

Bronze ($100,000 – $249,000)

Dr. David L. Albig and Dr. Pegeen Albig
Alleghany Foundation
Mrs. Jayne Katz Ayers ’83
Mr. Augie Marshall Campanello ’79 *
Miss Louise Clendenen ’60
Anna Gray Cronise ’53*
Mr. R. Bruce Cunningham and
Mrs. Bonnie B. Cunningham ’80
Ms. Charlene Adele Curtis ’76
Cypherpath LLC
The Dominion Foundation
Mr. Charles L. Eaton* and Mrs. Mary Jo Eaton
Mr. Richard Davis Ellis Jr. ’86
Genesis Rehab Services
Ms. Dorothy Gillespie*
Thelma Irene Goodykoontz ’33*
Dr. George A. Gray* and Mrs. Ann Gardner Gray*
Mr. Willard Hackerman
Harvey’s, Inc.
Hattie M. Strong Foundation
Ms. Virginia Louise Hills ’42*
Mr. Miles Horton*
Mr. Philip Hull and Mrs. Karol Willis Hull ’62
Mr. Kory Hummer ’91 and Mrs. Mary Hummer ’95
Ms. Bonnie Hurlburt ’58
Mr. Jack M. Jeffers and Mrs. Patricia A. Jeffers, M.S. ’87
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Ms. Evelyn C. Kimball
Dr. James P. King*
Dr. and Mrs. James P. King Jr.
Kolla-Landwehr Foundation
The Lazarus Foundation Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Lefko
Mr. George Logan and
Mrs. Helen Harmon Best Logan ’95
Ms. Ann K. Lucas
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lusk Jr.
Dr. Charles W. McClellan
Ms. Geneva Regina McClung ’31*
Ms. Sandra Elaine McPherson ’70*
Dr. Theresa Ann Milon ’70, M.S. ’75
Dr. David J. Moore and Mrs. Priscilla M. Moore, M.S. ’68
Mr. Philip W. Moran and Mrs. Beverly Johnson Moran ’69
New River Valley Health Foundation
Mrs. Nancy Bane Nixon ’58
Ms. Ruth L. Painter ’28*
Ms. Dale Parris ’85
Mary Morton Parsons Foundation
Mr. Arthur Payne Jr. ’87 and
Mrs. Laura Kathryn Payne ’89
Dr. Fred L. Phlegar*
Dr. Myrtle E. Pleune ’31*
Ms. Cynthia L. Price ’87
Dr. John Ray and Mrs. Nancy Sullivan Ray ’55
Edward and Nancy Rice
Mr. David C. Ridpath and
Mrs. Lisa H. Ridpath ’91, MBA ’99
Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation
Mr. Kevin Michael Rogers ’87 and Mrs. Vera Rogers
Mr. Gregory Rooker and Mrs. Mary Frances Rooker ’79
RU Student Government Association
Mr. Edward Charles Savage ’81
Ms. Nancy Morrison Scurlock ’52
Dr. George Smith Jr. and Mrs. Mildred Smith
Ms. Lanora Marie Smith ’43*
Dr. Joseph Falkinham III and
Dr. Robert D. Spillman
Ms. Maryanne Bocock Stump, N.P. ’34, ’48*
Dr. Marshall Tessnear and Dr. Pamela Tessnear
Mr. Mick Turk and Mrs. Barbara Cook Turk ’87
Colonel Willoughby B. Tyler*
George W. Verlander and Cornelia M. Verlander Memorial Foundation
Ms. Susan Ellen Walters ’58
Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Ms. Ruth W. Williamson*
Mr. Herbert F. Alber and Ms. Margaret F. Winslow ’63
Camp Younts Foundation