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Anthony Smith - His Story


Anthony Smith ' 98

Anthony Smith - This is my story

When I first graduated I never thought about giving, to me it was reserved for big money makers wanting their name on buildings. It wasn’t until I spoke with a fellow classmate that I realized how important giving was to RU. In this conversation what impressed me the most was how big of a difference a small and consistent donation can make. I realized that I didn’t need to write a six figure check to give back; I could help by simply sending any amount I was comfortable with to RU.

So that’s exactly what I did. I signed up online for automatic withdrawals on a monthly basis and now it is just another bill in my budget. Only this is one I don’t mind paying.

I know I am making a difference because I see RU’s new developments and accomplishments, and all the wonderful buildings being built and renovated. I know that (although small) my gifts help give back to the institution that plays such a big part in the opportunities I take advantage of daily. This knowledge quite simply puts a smile on my face.

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