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Who is my Advisor?

Depending on your major and class status, you may have a professional advisor, graduate advisor or faculty advisor. You can always find out who your specific academic advisor is by looking at your DegreeWorks audit (your advisor's name is included in the heading information). Your DegreeWorks audit can be found on the "Academics" tab in the MyRU portal. If you are still uncertain, please contact your college advising center or the administrative assistant in the department of your major for more information.

Mission Statement

Academic advising at Radford University supports students so that they might succeed in their pursuit of undergraduate degrees, their achievement of productive and satisfying careers, and their attainment of life goals. While course selection and registration are important aspects of advising, Radford University endorses a developmental approach, in which students are assisted in obtaining knowledge and developing skills that help them better understand themselves and their potential.

Developmental advising is practiced in an environment characterized by mutual respect, ethical behavior, and personal and professional integrity. Academic advising is a shared process in which both advisor and student have important roles, but it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to know and follow the University’s policies and procedures and to meet all degree requirements.