Finding and Keeping Volunteers

Why people volunteer

  • Stay connected to Radford University
  • People become involved most often because they were asked to volunteer
  • Because they feel needed, and have a sense of fulfillment
  • To gain experience that might help in a job search
  • They like to meet new people and get networking opportunities

Tips for recruiting new volunteers

  • Ask! People are more willing to volunteer if they are personally asked by someone else who is involved.
  • Keep an ongoing file of possible chapter volunteers and add to it by soliciting new names from local alumni.
  • Announce that new volunteers are needed on Facebook posts, e-mail, at events or if you meet an alum of the university.
  • Contact past event attendees.
  • Assign each chapter team volunteer the task of recruiting at least one – two new volunteers each year.
  • Always provide alumni contact information in case someone wants to get in touch with you about volunteering options.
  • Remind potential alumni volunteers of the many benefits of volunteering.
  • People work for people, not things. Always recruit volunteers on the basis of service to RU, the association and the chapter.

Benefits of volunteering

  • Meet alumni in your area and develop lasting friendships and valuable contacts.
  • Get valuable training opportunities by attending the annual Chapter Training Orientation on the campus of your alma mater.
  • Get satisfaction from giving back and making a real difference.
  • Ideal opportunity to gain information and exposure to alumni with different jobs in varying fields.
  • Although you're not paid, it qualifies as work experience.
  • Have lots of fun!

How to find volunteers

  • Review the roster given to you by Alumni Relations and make phone calls.
  • At chapter events, mingle and talk with alumni.
  • Look to non-alumni (friends of Radford University) and parents of current students as potential volunteers.