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Non-Credit Internships

If your academic major does not require an internship or if you do not meet your academic department internship requirements, you may elect to do a non-credit internship. You may do a non-credit internship to gain relevant experience in a particular career field as well as to get exposure to determine if you have a genuine interest in that field. Internships are an excellent way to begin building connections that are invaluable in developing and maintaining a strong professional network for the future. To make you internship a successful experience, create a list of learning goals outlining specific skills and knowledge you would like to develop. Discuss your goals with your site internship supervisor when you start and determine how you can achieve those goals during your internship.

The next steps: Finding and Applying for an internship (Flow Chart)

Career Services provides an array of resources to assist students with the internship process. These include internship databases, resume and cover letters writing assistance, portfolio development, and interview skills.

  • Hire-A-Highlander – Sign in with your Radford e-mail and password to access jobs and internships offered to RU students.
  • Internship.com – Create your own account to search for local and national internships.

Organizations also have internship information on their web sites. Some academic departments maintain listings specific to their discipline. You may also develop an internship of your own through Networking

How to write a cover letter and resume

Your resume and cover letter will be used to help prospective internship sites evaluate your qualifications. Make sure they are free typos or other errors.

The Interview

The best way to prepare for the interview is to practice, practice, and practice. Be prepared to tell the employer why you are interested in the internship; outline the skills and experiences you bring to the organization, and how the internship relates to your career goals.

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