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Olajuwon Jones


What made you decide to choose your major?

Initially, I was a Criminal Justice major. When I started to search for jobs I realized all of them would land me inside of a jail which was the last place I wanted to be. I then added finance because I had already had a passion for it (Security analysis). So it only made sense.

What has been one of the most memorable experience you’ve had while attending Radford University?

My most memorable experience was when Radford hosted the Big South Track and Field championships and I won conference in front of my family and friends.

What advice would you give to others to help them succeed?

Make a list of your goals and then develop tunnel vision.

 What are your career goals?

To be the number one wealth management adviser in the city of Miami. After that is accomplished, then the state of Florida.

How has your undergraduate experience prepared you to achieve these goals?

My teachers have put me on the path to achieve my goals by being realistic about the work force and what it takes to get to where I want to be.