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Autism Certificate (PDF)

The Certificate of Autism Studies is designed to prepare personnel to educate and support individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), which includes autism, Asperger syndrome, and other pervasive developmental disorders. The program consists of 12 semester hours of courses covering the Skill Competencies for Professionals and Paraprofessionals as outlined by Virginia’s Autism Council. There is no licensure in the area of ASD endorsed by the Department of Education in Virginia. This certificate is intended for educators, human services personnel, and family members who work with individuals who are on the autism spectrum. The certificate is based on empirically based research and best practices.

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The Mathematics Education Certificate Program consists of six courses (18 semester hours) providing professional development for licensed high school mathematics teachers across the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics content strands. Those who complete the program receive Radford University’s Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Mathematics Education. The certificate check sheet lists the courses included in this program.

Educational Leadership

The Educational Leadership Certificate Program consists of six courses (18 semester graduate hours) covering Virginia’s Requirement for K–12 Licensure in School Leadership, uses an alternative route to licensure which requires a recommendation of support from the Superintendent of Schools in the employing division of the licensure candidate.  All candidates for the certificate program must have a valid Virginia teaching licensure and hold a master’s degree from an accredited college/university. Competencies for professionals are aligned with the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards. Those who complete the program receive Radford University’s Post Graduate Certificate for Educational Leadership. This certificate does NOT provide automatic licensure for School Leadership in Virginia. All certificate completers must also pass the School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) administered by the Educational Testing Services Corporation prior to being eligible for a licensure as a school leader in Virginia.  The pass score is established by the Virginia State Board of Education. Successful completion of the Certificate Program, a minimum passing score on the SLLA, and a letter from the employing Superintendent for an exception to the typical licensure degree program must be met for licensure in Virginia through this certificate program.

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Educational Technology

This certificate is designed to meet the needs of professional educators (K-16 teachers, education administrators, industry training personnel) in the areas of instructional design, development, and evaluation associated with the educational uses of new and emerging media.

This 18-hour program will provide participants with the skills, knowledge, and disposition required to successfully create a digital professional development portfolio that includes instructional solutions to real-world problems using such technologies as Web 2.0 environments and handheld computers. Participants who successfully complete this certificate program will be prepared to improve their own educational practice, as well as assume leadership roles in technology management and training.

Required courses in this certificate program are the following:
EDET 619. Instructional Design. (3)
EDET 630. Foundations of Educational Technology. (3)
EDET 640. Multimedia Design for Online, Mobile, and Group Presentations. (3)
EDET 650. The Web: New Contexts for Teaching and Learning. (3)
EDET 661. Gaming and Simulation for Instruction. (3)
EDET 689. Educational Technology Capstone. (3)

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