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Master of Science in Special Education

The Master of Science Degree Program in Special Education is a single degree program offering practicing educators and those intending to enter the teaching profession the opportunity to design a program of study to meet their interests and teacher licensure needs in the area of special education. The program emphasizes knowledge and skills in characteristics, assessment and evaluation, understanding and application of service delivery, curriculum and instruction, IEP/IFSP development and monitoring, transition, proactive classroom management and positive behavior support, and collaboration and teamwork. The goal of the program is to develop professionals who can work effectively with infants, children and youth with disabilities, ensure their academic and personal success through collaboration with families, general educators and other team member, and advocate for children, families and the profession to improve the quality of life for all children.

In close consultation with an advisor, students plan a program of study that includes a common core of 12 credit hours and an additional 18 credit hours selected from a menu of courses. Programs can be designed with licensure and non-licensure options. Those seeking initial teacher licensure may have 9 or more additional hours of supporting coursework. Internship experiences of 6-12 hours will also be required to obtain postgraduate professional licensure or to complete requirements for provisional licensure in one or more of the following areas:

The master's only, non-licensure option is intended for graduate students who already have initial teach licensure in an area of special education or those who desire to enhance their knowledge and skills in diverse areas of special education.

For more information, contact ruspecialed@radford.edu.