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Dr. Elizabeth Altieri

Room A029, Peters Hall

Dr. Elizabeth M. Altieri is an associate professor in special education, and teaches and provides service to both the high incidence and low incidence disabilities program areas. She is currently serving as the Graduate Coordinator for students concentrating in high incidence disabilities, severe disabilities, deaf and hard of hearing and visual impairment. Dr. Altieri teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Course topics this year include current trends/legal issues, characteristics, functional behavioral assessment/positive behavior support, and curriculum and assessment for students in individualized adapted curriculum. She supervises senior level blocking interns and graduate interns in high incidence disabilities and is a member of the special education/elementary education collaborative co-placement research team and placement model.

Dr. Altieri has been a participant and recipient of numerous state personnel preparation in special education and special education/general education collaboration grants dating back to 1999. She has authored or co-authored, and received funding for over 18 state or federal grants, and has significant not-for-profit and higher education administrative experience with grants management and program supervision.

Dr. Altieri has a long time interest in the skills needed by general and special educators in supporting the academic success of students with disabilities in the general education classroom (see research and grants in resume). She has worked for over 12 years with general and special educators, cooperating teachers and undergrad and grad student teachers and interns, in elementary, middle and high school general education and special education classrooms across Southwest Virginia.