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Dr. Kevin LoPresto

Room A038, Peters Hall

I started my career as a mathematics educator in 1990 in a suburb of Rochester, NY. I taught everything from 7th grade math through AP calculus. I arrived at Radford University in 2003. My responsibilities include teaching methods courses for elementary, middle, and secondary mathematics. I am the coordinator for the secondary mathematics education program for STEL.


In my classes, I emphasize establishing a sound philosophy of teaching mathematics, rather than prescribing one specific methodology that may or may not work for the individuals. I have done a good amount of research on teachers beliefs and identity regarding mathematics. I incorporate this information in the make up of my courses. I firmly believe that ALL students can be successful in mathematics, with success being different for each student.


We need some big changes in how mathematics is taught and that starts with understanding how children learn mathematics. The information is available. One of my tasks as a university professor is to provide my students with resources necessary to uncover the information.