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Audio Recordings

The Appalachian Regional and Rural Studies Center house an archived collection of over 800 projects, pamphlets, and essays that we refer to as our main archives. Many of these projects are from classes that deal with Appalachian Studies. These projects are indexed by title and subject, and are available for research in the center.

We are currently in the process of cataloguing record albums. Most of the recordings are available for checkout.


  • AUDIO/CASS: BL550.A1S63.0000.1
    "Snake Handling"
  • AUDIO/CASS: BL550.NPR1S62.1992.1
    "Snake Handling: From 'Frescoes' on National Public Radio"
    National Public Radio, WVTF
  • AUDIO/CASS: BL660.JL1H57.1982.1
    "History of Region and Religion"
    Jones, Loyal
  • AUDIO/CASS: BL660.WC1A66.0000.1
    "Appalachian Religion"
    Williams, Cratis
  • AUDIO/CASS: CS42.WC1A66.1978.1
    "Appalachian Story, The"
    Williams, Cratis


  • AUDIO/CASS: CT21.VD1I57.0000.1
    "Interview with Darlene Van Dyke About Melissa Surface"
    Van Dyke, Darlene
  • AUDIO/CASS: CT21.WJ1CL37.1992.1
    "Clara Moss Williams' Journal: Williams-Fletcher Family Oral History"
    Williams, Jessica


  • AUDIO/CASS: DA750.MM1S36.1993.1
    "Scottish Emigrants: Tiree to Canada by Maggie McKay"
    McKay, Maggie
  • AUDIO/CASS: DA900.AD1N67.1994.1
    "Northern Ireland, The Troubles and Peace"
    Alexander, Donald
  • AUDIO/CASS: E99.C5A95.1.1993.2
    "Selu: Seeking the Corn Mother's Wisdom (TAPE 1)"
    Awiakta, Marilou
  • AUDIO/CASS: E99.C5A95.1.1993.1
    "Selu: Seeking the Corn Mother's Wisdom (TAPE 1)"
    Awiakta, Marilou
  • AUDIO/CASS: E99.C5A95.2.1993.2
    "Selu: Seeking the Corn Mother's Wisdom (TAPE 1)"
    Awiakta, Marilou
  • AUDIO/CASS: E99.C5A95.2.1993.1
    "Selu: Seeking the Corn Mother's Wisdom (TAPE 2)"
    Awiakta, Marilou
  • AUDIO/CASS: F206.JL1H57.1982.1
    "History of Region"
    Jones, Loyal
  • AUDIO/CASS: F217.MM1O72.1974.1
    "Oral History Project by Mike Mullins"
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.CMM1S44.1991.1
    "Selu Interviews: Mr. And Mrs. Carroll, TAPE 1"
    Leftwich, Christi
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.CMM2S44.1991.1
    "Selu Interviews: Mr. And Mrs. Carroll, TAPE 2"
    Leftwich, Christi
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.DH1S44.1990.1
    "Selu Interviews: Hobert Duncan, TAPE 1"
    Leftwich, Christi
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.DH2S44.1990.1
    "Selu Interviews: Hobert Duncan, TAPE 2"
    Leftwich, Christi
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.DN1S44.1992.1
    "Selu Interviews: Nellie Duncan"
    Leftwich, Christi
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.DR1S44.1990.1
    "Selu Interviews: Roby Dickerson, TAPE 1"
    Leftwich, Christi
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.DR2S44.1990.1
    "Selu Interviews: Roby Dickerson, TAPE 2"
    Leftwich, Christi
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.KK1S44.1990.1
    "Selu Interviews: Kermit Kenley"
    Leftwich, Christi
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.PJ1R45.1994.1
    "Remembering Life in Dry Valley in the 1920's and Later: TAPE 1"
    Peterson, John
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.PJ2R45.1994.1
    "Remembering Life in Dry Valley in the 1920's and Later: TAPE 2"
    Peterson, John
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.SFD1S44.1990.1
    "Selu Interviews: Frank and David Sale"
    Leftwich, Christi


  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.BA1G87.1992.1
    "Gussin' Up"
    Belcher, Anndrena
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.BA1P74.1994.1
    "Princess Witch"
    Belcher, Anndrena
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.DD1D62.1997.1
    "Dr. York, Miss Winnie, and the Typhoid Shot"
    Davis, Donald
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.DD1J32.1997.1
    "Jack and Granny Ugly"
    Davis, Donald
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.DD1S72.1997.1
    "Stanley, the Easter Bunny"
    Davis, Donald
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.HD1H34.1981.1
    "Hairyman and Other Wild Tales, The"
    Holt, David
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.JL1O72.1974.1
    "Oral Tradition, The (Tales, Ballads, and Songs), Part I and (B) Appalachian Literature"
    Jones, Loyal
    Wilma Dykeman
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.JL2O72.1974.1
    "Oral Tradition, The (Tales, Ballads, and Songs), Part II and (B) The Folk Tale (Jack Tales)"
    Jones, Loyal
    Dr. Leonard Roberts
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.JL3R42.0000.1
    "Readings by Folklorist Loyal Jones and Musical Selections by the Donovan Family"
    Jones, Loyal
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.MC1S64.0000.1
    "Spinning More Magic"
    McConnell, Doc
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.OB1F64.1981.1
    "Folk Arts in Appalachia, Blanton Owen and Jay Reese"
    Owen, Blanton
    Reese, Jay
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.VA1TH73.0000.1
    "Three Mountain Tales"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.WC1A66.1978.1
    "Appalachian Folklore: Superstitions and Folktales"
    Williams, Dr. Cratis
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.WC1C37.1995.1
    "Cat Tales: Appalachian Stories and Songs"
    White, Cat
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.WN1S76.1981.1
    "Storytelling of Ninevah Willis"
    Willis, Ninevah
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR111.FN1H65.0000.1
    "Home Remedies: Interviews with Rita Sizemore Riddle"
    Felicione, Nicole
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR111.FN2H65.0000.1
    "Home Remedies: Interviews with Lynnie Felicione"
    Felicione, Nicole
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR420.BA1B76.0000.1
    "Brown Family's Collection of Monster Lore, The"
    Brown, Alice
    Ben, Harry, Jenny
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR420.HJ1S97.0000.1
    "Sut Loving Good: Appalachian Tricksters"
    Higgs, Jack
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR420.JL1M66.1975.1
    "Monsters in the Oral Literature of Appalachia by Loyal Jones"
    Jones, Loyal
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR420.WS1R34.1986.1
    "Railroad Stories and Ballads"
    Watson, Steve
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR450.VA1S36.0000.1
    "Scottish Stories and Songs"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR450.WD1M37.1987.1
    "Mary and the Seal and Other Folktales: Traditional Scottish Storytelling"
    Williamson, Duncan
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR450.WD1M37.1987.2
    "Mary and the Seal and Other Folktales: Traditional Scottish Storytelling"
    Williamson, Duncan
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR451.MF1T64.0000.1
    "Told In Ireland: The Stories of Frank McKenna"
    McKenna, Frank
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR65.HC1S96.1982.1
    "Superstitions: Interviews with Jones, Dye, Shelton, Marion, Williams"
    Hart, Carol
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR65.HC2S96.1982.1
    "Superstitions: Interviews with the Morgan Family"
    Hart, Carol


  • AUDIO/CASS: HM621.MJW1P76.1974.1
    "Problems in Cultivating an Ethnic or Regional Identity in America, June 21, 1974"
    Miller, Jim Wayne


  • AUDIO/CASS: L1099.EGT1S951.0000.1
    "Summer Teachers' Conference-SCETC Presentation by Dr. Edwards"
    Edwards, Grace Toney
  • AUDIO/CASS: LC1099.EGT1A66.1985.1
    "Appalachian Studies Conference"
    Edwards, Grace Toney
    et al.
  • AUDIO/CASS: LC1099.GJ1K56.1992.1
    "Kingsport City Schools: Curriculum Analysis for Inclusion of Appalachian Studies"
    Graham, Joyce
  • AUDIO/CASS: LC1099.MJW1A66.1974.1
    "Appalachian Arts in the Schools by Jim Wayne Miller"
    Miller, Jim Wayne
  • AUDIO/CASS: LC1099.MJW1M57.1974.1
    "Mirror for Appalachian Education and Arts, July 12, 1974"
    Miller, Jim Wayne
  • AUDIO/CASS: LC1099.MJW1R45.1974.1
    "Remarks on Culture, Tradition, Views on Teaching Grammar, etc."
    Miller, Jim Wayne


  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.CR1A48.1986.1
    "Alumni of Appalachian Folklore in Concert at Bethel School"
    Cox, Ricky
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.SJ1A87.1981.1
    "Assorted Songs"
    Spencer, Jewel
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VA1BL83.0000.1
    "Bluegrass Music On 'Prairie Home Companion'"
    Various Artists,
    Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys, Emmy Lou Harris
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VA1BL83.0000.1
    "Bluegrass Today: March 25, Show 106: Bobby Hicks"
    Various Artists,
    Bobby Hicks
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VA1G64.1990.1
    "Rock and Roll: Golden Years 1969"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VA1S68.1986.1
    "Southern Grassroots Music Tour: TAPE 1"
    Various Artists,
    Anne Romaine, Sparky Rucker, Free Spirit, Frazier Moss, Steve Kaufman
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VA1T62.1985.1
    "Today's Country Classics"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VA1V37.0000.1
    "Various Musicians"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VA1W54.1989.1
    "Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Volume Two"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VA2S68.1986.1
    "Southern Grassroots Music Tour: TAPE 2"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VAA66.1981.1
    "Appalachian Folk Music"
    Irwin, Sandy
    Nancy Cousins
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.WT1BL83.0000.1
    "Blue Ridge Parkway Celebration in Music"
    White Top Mountain Band,
    Tom Barr, Rebecca Haga Barr, Thornton Spencer, Emily Spencer, Fred Taylor
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A6.VA1C68.1982.1
    "Country Christmas, A"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A6.VA1C68.1985.1
    "Country Christmas, A, Volume 4"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1360.BR1R33.1979.1
    "Rafe Brady and Others"
    Brady, Rafe
    Gene, Gary, Ricky, Ross, Debbie
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1360.CR1A66.1985.2
    "Appalachian Folklore Concert: November 6, 1985: Hammer Dulcimer"
    Cox, Ricky
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1360.CR1A66.1985.1
    "Appalachian Folklore Concert: November 6, 1985: Hammer Dulcimer"
    Cox, Ricky
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1360.GJ1D42.1988.1
    "December Dulcimers"
    Griffis, Jennifer
    Randy Zombola
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1360.SD1EC3.0000.1
    "Echoes From the Hills"
    Sturgill, Uncle Dave
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1528.BT1TW56.1987.1
    Bledsoe, Tom
    Rich Kirby
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1528.DH1H37.0000.1
    "Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hitting People"
    Dickens, Hazel
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1546.CM1A66.1988.1
    "Appalachian Folk Culture, Pulaski High School"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.AEC1P37.1989.1
    "AEC Party: January 27, 1989"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.AEC1P37.1994.1
    "AEC Party, April 29, 1994 (Includes Various Performances)"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.AK1C57.1986.1
    "Circle Celebration: Appalkids and Others"
    Appalkids and AEC,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.BSA1S54.0000.1
    "Songs by Sheila Adams Barnhill"
    Barnhill, Sheila Adams
    Jim Taylor
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.CB1O74.1986.1
    "Bill Cannaday and the Original Orchard Grass Band, In Concert"
    Cannaday, Bill
    Original Orchard Grass Band
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.CJ1J42.1981.2
    "Jeanette Carter and John McCutcheon in Concert"
    Carter, Jeanette
    John McCutcheon
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.CJ1J42.1981.1
    "Jeanette Carter and John McCutcheon in Concert"
    Carter, Jeanette
    John McCutcheon
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.CMC1S72.0000.1
    "State of the Heart and Shooting Straight in the Dark"
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.CR1R53.1991.1
    "Ricky Cox, Summer 1991"
    Cox, Ricky
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.DJ1J86.1994.1
    "June Draper: Memories and Music of the Past: Appalachian Awareness Day, February 25, 1994"
    Draper, June
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.FB1W68.1989.1
    "Wounded Hearts and Mended Souls"
    The Foxfire Boys,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.FC1TH44.1993.1
    "Their Last Recordings: The Carter Family"
    Carter Family,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.FM1M96.1985.1
    "My Privilege"
    Fenton, Mike
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.FT1I82.1991.1
    "It Ain't Rock, It's the Blues"
    Foddrell, Turner
    Lynn Fodrell
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.GL67.1992.1
    "Glory Road, 1968 to 1972: Cassette Two"
    Diamond, Neil
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.GO1C66.0000.1
    "Concert by Olen Gardner and Jack Hinshelwood for Appalachian Folklore Class"
    Gardner, Olen
    Jack Hinshelwood
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.GO1O43.1981.1
    "Olen Gardner and Jack Hinshelwood, Perfomance"
    Gardner, Olen
    Hinshelwood, Jack
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.GW1W54.1986.1
    "Willard Gayheart in Performance"
    Gayheart, Willard
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.HEL1S66.0000.1
    "Songs by Emmy Lou Harris"
    Harris, Emma Lou
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.KB1S66.0000.1
    "Songs by K.B. and Missy"
    K.B. and Missy,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.LL1S56.0000.1
    "Singin' My Troubles Away"
    Lewis, Laurie
    Grant Street
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.LN1W76.1994.1
    "Wrong Highway Blues"
    Northern Lights,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.ME1E44.0000.1
    "Elizabeth McCommon in Concert"
    McCommon, Elizabeth
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.ME1RH62.1986.1
    McCommon, Elizabeth
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.MJ1W37.1991.1
    "Water From Another Time"
    McCutcheon, John
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.MR1I87.1992.1
    "It's Your Call"
    McEntire, Reba
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.NRCC1A66.1989.1
    "Appalachian Awareness Day, "Spur of the Moment", New River Community College, April 14, 1989"
    Spur of the Moment,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.PC1P52.1994.1
    "Picaza and Crowe"
    Picaza and Crowe,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.PG1M68.1974.1
    "Mountain Musicians: George Pegram and Red Parham"
    Pegram, George
    Red Parham
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.PJ1O42.1986.2
    "Old Time Favorites"
    Pierce, J.C.
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.PJ1O42.1986.1
    "Old Time Favorites"
    Pierce, J.C.
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.PJ1S66.0000.1
    "Songs by J.C. Pierce"
    Pierce, J.C.
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.RC1BL83.1992.1
    "Blues and S'Mor with Carl's West Virginia Waltz"
    Rutherford, Carl
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.RC1H65.1991.1
    "Home to West Virginia"
    Rutherford, Carl
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.RC1L68.1991.1
    "Love Can't Fly on Broken Wings"
    Rutherford, Carl
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.RF1K52.0000.1
    "Kickin' Up Dust"
    Profitt, Frank, Jr.
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.RJ1J42.0000.1
    "Jean Ritchie Concert"
    Ritchie, Jean
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.RL1IF9.1990.1
    "If You See A Dream"
    Roderick, Libby
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.TR1H47.0000.1
    "Heroes and Friends and 'Friends in High Places'"
    Travis, Randy
    George Jones
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.VA1A66.1985.1
    "Appalachian Folklore Concert: November 6, 1985"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.VA1A66.1985.2
    "Appalachian Folklore Concert: November 6, 1985 (COPY)"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.VA1A66.1992.1
    "Appalachian Folklore Class Performing, 1982"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.WK1P52.0000.1
    "Picking and Singing by Keith Webb and Junior Page, Appalkids at Hindman Junior "Kiliga""
    Webb, Keith
    Junior Page
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.WM1B47.1980.1
    "Best of Bluegrass, The"
    Wiseman, Mac
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1611.B341.1989.1
    "Ballads and Songs in Teresa's Class"
    Wheeler, Teresa
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1611.MA1B34.1975.1
    "Ballads by Artus Moser"
    Moser, Artus
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1611.MMR1B34.1984.1
    "Ballads and Songs by Reta Mae Mackin's Mother"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1611.MR1B34.1987.1
    "Ballad of English 548 and Other Songs"
    Mosser, Revonda
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1611.PB1B66.0000.1
    "Bootlegger by Bruce Piephoff"
    Piephoff, Bruce
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1611.VA1B34.0000.1
    "Ballads by Various Artists"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1611.VA1S65.0000.1
    "Some Ballad Folks: Field Recordings from the Burton-Manning Collection of Folklore"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1625.EGT1A66.1981.1
    "Appalachia: A Journey (Slide Show)"
    Edwards, Grace Toney
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1625.EGT1J68.0000.1
    "Journey Through Appalachia (Slide Show)"
    Edwards, Grace Toney
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1625.EGT1S76.1974.1
    "Storms on the Ocean"
    Edwards, Grace Toney
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.C1O93.0000.1
    "Over the Sesa to Skye: The Celtic Connection"
    James Galway
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.CS1SW4.0000.1
    "Sweet Primroses, The and By the Hush"
    Collins, Shirley
    Andy Stewart
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.DS1R33.0000.1
    "Raggle Taggle Mix"
    Deynes, Steve
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.EGT1TW2.0000.1
    "Twa Corbies, The (The Two Ravens) and A Wandering on a Winter's Night (Lass of Roch Royal)"
    Edwards, Grace Toney
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.M1CL37.0000.1
    "Classic Scots Ballads by McColl and Anthem for the Common Man by The Battlefield Band"
    The Battlefield Band
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.RS1L42.1993.1
    "Stanley Roberston: Lecture to Appalachian Cultures Class and Concert"
    Robertson, Stanley
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.RS1S36.0000.1
    "Scottish Ballads and Storytelling by Stanley Robertson, Tape 1"
    Robertson, Stanley
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.RS2S36.0000.1
    "Scottish Ballads and Storytelling by Stanley Robertson, Tape 2"
    Robertson, Stanley
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.VA1A66.0000.1
    "Appalachian Roots: Connections Between Celtic and Appalachian Music"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.VA1P46.1991.1
    "Penicuik Folk Club, TAPE 1"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.VA1S56.0000.1
    "Singers, Singing, Tae Sangsters: In Aid of the School of Scottish Studies"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.VA2P46.1991.1
    "Penicuik Folk Club, TAPE 2"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.VA3P46.1991.1
    "Penicuik Folk Club, TAPE 3"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.WD1C44.1991.1
    "Ceilidh at Duncan Williamson's, TAPE 1"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.WD1T74.1993.1
    "Trip to West Highlands, Ballads and Songs"
    Williamson, Duncan
    Stanley Robertson
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.WD2C44.1991.1
    "Ceilidh at Duncan Williamson's, TAPE 2"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.WD3C44.1991.1
    "Ceilidh at Duncan Williamson's, TAPE 3"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.WD4C44.1991.1
    "Ceilidh at Duncan Williamson's, TAPE 4"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.WD5C44.1991.1
    "Ceilidh at Duncan Williamson's, TAPE 5"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.WS1CL42.1990.1
    Wellington, Sheena
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1628.GS1S36.1993.1
    "Scottish Songs"
    Gordon, Susan
  • AUDIO/CASS: M177.AE1A44.1994.1
    "Appalachian Awareness Day"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1900.MUD1D43.0000.1
    "Assorted Musicians: Uncle Dave Macon, Ray Stevens, Oswald"
    Macon, Uncle Dave
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1900.VA1BL32.0000.1
    "Black Jack Davy and 'Gypsy Laddie' Master Tape"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1900.VA1BL32.0000.2
    "Black Jack Davy and 'Gypsy Laddie' Master Tape"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1900.VA1H42.1995.1
    "Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1900.WS1R34.1986.1
    "Railroad Ballads by Steve Watson and Autoharp and Dulcimer by Sara Melton and Teresa Wheeling"
    Watson, Steve
    Sara Melton and Teresa Wheeling
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1990.A1A22.0000.1
    "APPALKIDS: ABC's Appalachian Style"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1990.ETK1P37.1982.1
    "Parodies of Folksongs"
    Edwards, Trent and Kyle
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1999.DJ1J86.1995.1
    "June Draper Sings Gospel Songs"
    Draper, June
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1999.VA1CH54.1981.1
    "Children of the Heavenly King: Religious Expressions in the Central Blue Ridge-TAPE 1"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1999.VA2CH54.1981.1
    "Children of the Heavenly King: Religious Expressions in the Central Blue Ridge-TAPE 2"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1999.WC1S56.1974.1
    "Singing Religious Songs, Ballads, and Preaching, Kentucky Mountain Style"
    Williams, Cratis
  • AUDIO/CASS: M2020.FW1S22.1990.1
    "Bound for Canaan: Sacred Harp Singing From Sand Mountain, Alabama"
    Wootten Family,
    and Others
  • AUDIO/CASS: M2060.AR1H95.0000.1
    "Hymns From the Mountains"
    Akers, Robert
    and The Full Gospel Evangelistic Singers
  • AUDIO/CASS: M2060.FC1S22.0000.1
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