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Folklife Archives (M-R)


  • FA.185.446.2
    Machines in Floyd County Folklore
    Cox, Ricky


  • FA.199.446.12
    Appalachian Courtship and Wedding Customs
    Reed, Jessica Vanessa
  • FA.190.446.15
    Courtship Narratives
    Ose, Kenna
  • FA.199.446.4
    First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage: How Appalachian Folks Find Somebody to Love
    Estes, Abigail Lee
  • FA.192.446.4
    Marriage Folklore
    Holmes, Leigh
  • FA.196.446.14
    Wedding Patterns in Appalachia
    Norris, Tonya

Medicine, Folk

  • FA.191.446.7
    Aunt Orlena Puckett and Midwifery in Southwest Virginia
    Martin, Richard D.
  • FA.188.548.1
    Common Folk Cures
    Asbury, Roger Allen
  • FA.188.446.6
    Cure for What Ails Ya, The
    Crookshanks, Lisa
  • FA.195.446.1
    Everyday Magic
    Cox, Tammie
  • FA.192.446.21
    Folk Medicine
    Yeaman, David
  • FA.191.446.8
    Folk Medicine: Home Remedies Used in Carroll County and Surrounding Areas
    Martin, James E.
  • FA.182.446.2
    Good for What Ails You
    Brown, Nancy
  • FA.184.446.5
    Hair of the Dog that Bit You, The
    Haydock, Jennifer
  • FA.185.446.3
    Herbal and Healing Remedies in Appalachia
    Evans, Carole
  • FA.196.548.11
    Herbal and Home Remedies in Appalachia
    Koski, Tracy C.
  • FA.193.446.14
    Home Remedies
    Wolfe, Danny
  • FA.190.446.17
    Home Remedies
    Robinson, Debbie
  • FA.195.446.13
    Home Remedies That Really Work
    Simon, Andrea Michelle
  • FA.195.446.7
    Midwifery, Then and Now
    Jones, Julie
  • FA.192.446.1
    Mountain Medicines
    Brown, Valerie
  • FA.190.446.7
    Mountain Medicines: Herbal and Home Remedies Used in Pulaski County and Surrounding Areas
    Dishon, Jr., Clayton Duane
  • FA.196.446.5
    Natural Healing
    Gagliostro, Shannon
  • FA.194.446.21
    What You Never Knew About Home Remedies
    Willis, Leslie
  • FA.188.548.4
    Yarns of Yarbs
    Martin, Dru


  • FA.191.446.7
    Aunt Orlena Puckett and Midwifery in Southwest Virginia
    Martin, Richard D.
  • FA.195.446.7
    Midwifery, Then and Now
    Jones, Julie


  • FA.184.446.13
    Folklore of Mills, The
    Willis, Bobbi and Liz Throckmorton
  • FA.191.446.15
    History of Tingler's Mill
    Pullin, Darek


  • FA.194.548.6
    Adult Children of Coal Mining Heritage
    Green, Courtney
  • FA.195.446.11
    Bill Minton: Champion of the Black Gold
    Redwine, Summer
  • FA.198.548.2
    Coal Mining in Appalachia: A Family Tradition
    Moore, Stephanie Rachel
  • FA.194.446.10
    Dusting the Earth
    Hatcher, J. Patrick
  • FA.198.446.4
    Growing Up in Coal Dust: An Account of Life in a Coal Mining Camp in Inman, Virginia
    Collier, Jessica Paige
  • FA.197.446.1
    Happiness and Hardship: A Day in the Life of a Coal Miner
    Breeding, Amanda
  • FA.194.446.2
    History and Stories of Goldmining in the Foothills of Western North Carolina
    Bowen, Heather-Marie
  • FA.198.548.1
    Life In Appalachian America: A Study of Boarding House Life in the Coal Camps
    Hagenrater, Amy
  • FA.194.548.1
    Life in the Coal Camps: The Perspective of a Miner's Wife
    Barry, Joyce
  • FA.199.449.16
    Reflections of Coal Mining in Haysi, VA
    Yates, Amber S.
  • FA.196.548.13
    Role of Women in Coal Mining Communities, The
    Nelson, Sherri
  • FA.196.548.12
    The Story Has to Be Told: Coal Mining Songs in Appalachia
    Linkous, Sam L.
  • FA.199.446.8
    Taking Lives or Giving Life: The Paradox of the Parrott Coalmines
    Lisanti, Lisa


  • FA.188.446.3
    Just a Way of Life: The Art of Moonshining
    Austin, Sonya
  • FA.182.446.9
    Kreglo, James D.
  • FA.196.446.17
    Read, Matthew
  • FA.188.446.10
    Moonshining and a Fifth-Generation Traditionalist
    Rademacher, Ardith Ann
  • FA.196.446.13
    Moonshining, Murder, and Madness
    Mullins, Amy


  • FA.188.548.7
    Country Music: The Early Years
    Richards, J.B.
  • FA.192.446.6
    Family Tradition in Music, A: Past and Present
    Mabe, Selena
  • FA.191.446.3
    Findings in My Search for a Definition of Appalachian Music, The
    Culbertson, Mandy
  • FA.0.446.4
    Folk Music for Elementary Students
    Lam, Sue
  • FA.199.548.7
    Music of the Blue Ridge: Alive and Kicking
    Holt, Jim
  • FA.189.446.6
    Music of the Mountains
    Lankford, Rani
  • FA.194.446.20
    Share the Joy of Living: Old Time Mountain Square Dance
    White, Susan
  • FA.195.446.14
    Tradition of Music in Three Distinct Appalachian Churches, The
    Spicer, Samantha
  • FA.192.446.14
    Unique Sound of the Mountains, The
    Riddle, Jim

Musical Instruments

  • FA.182.446.12
    Arthur Conner Fiddle, The
    Richards, Charles H.
  • FA.197.446.2
    Creators of Folk Music Instruments, The
    Hoover, Frances C.
  • FA.196.446.11
    Floyd County Instrument Maker
    Morgan, Rebecca M.
  • FA.196.446.16
    Quesenberry Five-Strings
    Quesenberry, Sue


  • FA.182.446.12
    Arthur Conner Fiddle, The
    Richards, Charles H.
  • FA.192.446.6
    Family Tradition in Music, A: Past and Present
    Mabe, Selena
  • FA.196.446.11
    Floyd County Instrument Maker
    Morgan, Rebecca M.
  • FA.192.446.8
    Highlanders, The: Zeh and Gayheart
    Matthews, Steve
  • FA.194.446.11
    It's What's in My Heart That Makes Me Sing: A Narrative Interview
    Howard, JoAnne
  • FA.198.446.5
    Memories of Janette Carter, The: The Preservation of Old Mountain Sound
    Collins, Jeremy
  • FA.199.548.7
    Music of the Blue Ridge: Alive and Kicking
    Holt, Jim
  • FA.196.446.16
    Quesenberry Five-Strings
    Quesenberry, Sue

Plant Culture

  • FA.194.446.14
    Apple Growing
    Schroeder, Maryanne
  • FA.199.446.15
    Art of Gardening and Canning Food, The
    White, Vanessa
  • FA.198.446.11
    Cultivation and Preservation of Food
    Godsey, Sally
  • FA.197.446.4
    Food from the Earth: Gardening, Preserving, and a Way of Life
    Smith, Stacie Allison
  • FA.182.446.7
    Gardening By the Signs
    Johnson, Patricia E.
  • FA.185.446.3
    Herbal and Healing Remedies in Appalachia
    Evans, Carole
  • FA.196.446.12
    Mighty Leaf, The: Burley Tobacco Farming
    Morrison, Shawna
  • FA.181.452.7
    Molasses Making: A Living Tradition
    Scarborough, Ingrid
  • FA.191.446.21
    Planting By the Signs
    Wise, Phillip A.
  • FA.188.446.2
    Taking the Bitter With the Sweet: Molasses Making in Southwest Virginia
    Artrip, Shannon
  • FA.189.446.8
    The Apple of Woolwine's Eye: Apple Folklore in Woolwine, Virginia
    Martin, Lisa S.
  • FA.197.548.5
    Tilling the Soil: Vegetable Gardening as Tradition
    Owens, Nicole
  • FA.191.446.20
    Tradition of Organic Gardening, The
    Vest, Catherine W.


  • FA.183.452.11
    Carrying On a Tradition: A Granddaughter Learns to Quilt
    Vest, Doloris
  • FA.194.446.4
    Crazy Quilting
    Cherry, Alexandra
  • FA.198.446.14
    Daring With Cloth and Needle . . . : The Art of Crazy Quilting
    Miller, Stephanie L.
  • FA.191.446.11
    From Rags to Riches: A Study of Quilting
    Morton, Ann
  • FA.184.446.4
    Glance at Quilting, A
    Frye, Pamela
  • FA.198.446.17
    Pull of the Thread, The: Quilting
    Richardson, Amy
  • FA.181.452.3
    Hitz, Liz
  • FA.192.446.12
    Pullin, Melissa
  • FA.196.446.2
    Brooks, Elizabeth
  • FA.186.446.3
    Quilting in Appalachia
    Lupino, Gina L.
  • FA.198.446.12
    Quilting is a Family Tradition
    Justice, Kimberly
  • FA.195.446.16
    Quilting: A Revived American Tradition
    Trout, Ramona
  • FA.192.446.15
    Quilting: A Tradition No Matter Where You Live
    Riel, Jennifer R.
  • FA.198.446.3
    Quilting: An Appalachian Tradition
    Clinedinst, Jennifer Laurienne
  • FA.191.446.2
    Quilting: From Necessity to Art
    Breeding, Jill
  • FA.193.446.15
    Quilts: Then and Now
    Yeager, David
  • FA.190.446.13
    Take a Look at Quilting
    Miles, Traci
  • FA.185.446.7
    Traditional and Revivalist Quilting: Similarities and Differences
    Reid, Maureen D.

Race Relations

  • FA.194.446.5
    To Talk to A Melungeon
    Daniels, Kimberly P.


  • FA.198.446.9
    An Appalachian Way of Life: The Clifton Forge Railroads
    Garrett, Michelle
  • FA.196.446.15
    Cambria and Its Railroad
    Phillips, Scott
  • FA.193.446.5
    Cripple Creek's Railroad
    Davis, Bess
  • FA.196.548.16
    Huckleberry, The: A Gathered Perspective
    Sumner, Alisa A.
  • FA.193.548.4
    Railroad and the Men of Steam
    Peters, John W.
  • FA.199.446.13
    Ruins of a Utopia, The: The Bristol Train Station Project
    Simmons, Grant
  • FA.186.446.6
    Searching the Rails
    Watson, Steve

Recreation (see also Dancing)

  • FA.189.446.12
    Eighteen's Up, Put 'Em On the Line
    Sandoe, Jeff
  • FA.184.446.10
    Folk Games of Jones' Branch
    Reidy, Stanley
  • FA.196.446.6
    Games Children Play, The
    Gardner, Joe
  • FA.188.446.9
    Lore From the Trail
    Olnhausen, Jeff
  • FA.183.452.6
    Toys from Appalachia
    Cox, Torrie


  • FA.190.548.5
    African-American Appalachian Church Folklore
    Carter, Sheila L.
  • FA.197.548.1
    Anointing Power of God, The: Religious Healing in Two Southwest Virginia Churches
    Bradberry, Deanna L.
  • FA.191.446.18
    Appalachian Women, Religion, and Change
    Turner, Wendy L.
  • FA.190.446.21
    Called to Preach
    Yopp, Phyllis
  • FA.196.548.10
    Customs and Practices of an Appalachian Missionary Baptist Church
    King, Judy G.
  • FA.194.548.2
    Folk Culture in the African-American Baptist Church
    Brown, Tia
  • FA.191.446.1
    Folklore from the Dublin Church of God
    Barrow, Christine
  • FA.182.446.11
    God's Chosen People
    Puchnot, Suzanne
  • FA.192.446.17
    Humor and Mischief in the Church
    Slate, Mitone
  • FA.198.446.8
    Jewell Ridge: Family, Religion, Work and Will
    Culler, Angela Christine
  • FA.183.452.3
    Life of Charlie Baker, The
    Baker, Donette
  • FA.191.446.10
    Mennonites in the Shenandoah Valley
    Moore, Jenny
  • FA.190.446.16
    Old German Baptist Brethren of Lindside, West Virginia, The
    Pollard, Roger G.
  • FA.188.548.3
    Old Time Religion, The: Two Oral Histories
    Gibson, Roy L.
  • FA.198.446.2
    Praise and Worship of Our Creator: Churches in the Appalachian Region
    Brown, Amanda
  • FA.185.446.11
    Primitive Baptist Church, The
    Webb, Keith
  • FA.183.452.7
    Reflections on a Mountain Missionary
    Hamilton, Evelyn
  • FA.197.548.8
    Religious and Spiritual Verse: Appalachian Poetry
    Salaita, Steven
  • FA.187.548.3
    Remarkable Life of Samual Robinson Hurley, The
    Thompson, Jim
  • FA.194.446.19
    Shall I Wash Your Feet?
    Vaughan, Angela Dawn
  • FA.199.446.14
    Stories of Mormon Missionaries
    Turner, Amy E.
  • FA.195.446.14
    Tradition of Music in Three Distinct Appalachian Churches, The
    Spicer, Samantha
  • FA205.648.5
    "Moving On:  The Taylor History of Frontier Life and Frontier Religion"
    Erik C. Taylor