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Nutrition and Dietetics

Welcome to Radford University's Didactic Program in Nutrition and Dietetics. We hope you enjoy your visit and will consider Radford University and our major in your plans!

Our program is designed to prepare students for careers as registered dietitians working in wellness, disease prevention and nutrition therapy settings. Alternative career paths include healthcare foodservice management, public health and the medical food industry.

Our program, of approximately 115 students, offers a close knit environment with four faculty teaching upper division classes, all registered dietitians. The ratio of faculty to students in the typical upper-division class size (25-30) makes it possible for faculty to get to know students and be available for assistance and advising outside of class time. Students get to know each other by taking many classes together and often form strong bonds which persist after graduation.

NUTR Senior 2014 Class

See our nutrition and dietetics students in action!


Through a program committed to continual review, evaluation and improvement, we provide the learning opportunities to achieve the core knowledge requirements defined by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND).

Student Organization

Students are encouraged to join the Radford University Dietetic Association (RUDA). This student organization promotes the profession of dietetics through leadership opportunities, community services, and professional development. The organization enhances camaraderie among the students at all levels. Find this group on Facebook!

Dietetic Internships

Our graduates are accepted in dietetic internships and graduate school programs all over the United States. Alumni are working in a wide variety of dietetics specialties, ranging from medical nutrition therapy to retail marketing to health and wellness.  For Alumni: Visit the Radford University Nutrition and Dietetics Alumni Page on Facebook.