Course Requirements

Common Education Core (12 hours)

  • EDET 620. Educational Technology: Applications, Applied Research and Integration
  • EDEF 606. Educational Research
  • EDEF 607. Educational Foundations
  • EDUC 670. Principles and Practices of Multicultural Education

Math Using Technology (18 hours)

  • MATH 600. Foundations of the Number System
  • MATH 623. Algebraic Reasoning and Mathematical Structures
  • MATH 630. Algebra and Functions for Secondary Teachers
  • MATH 635. Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry
  • MATH 641. Mathematical Analysis and Modeling
  • STAT 644. Applied Statistics for Teachers

Math Education (6 hours)

  • MATH/EDUC 620. Issues of Equity and Diversity in Mathematics Education
  • MATH/EDUC 650. Graduate Seminar: Theory and Practice in Mathematics Education

*Masters Project (MATH/EDUC 650) includes a final project that students must complete during their final semester in the program. Students may take this course in other semesters without completing the project. Comprehensive examinations (oral and written product).