Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with Virginia Licensure in Hearing Impairment PreK-12, students will be prepared to work with deaf or hard of hearing students across all grade levels. The IDHH major will be exposed to the various communication and instructional approaches used with deaf and hard of hearing students, as well as a variety of assistive listening devices, including hearing aids, cochlear implants, sound-field systems, and FM systems. A variety of practicum experiences provide opportunities to apply knowledge and skills learned in coursework. Graduates of our program will be fully prepared to enter the field of deaf education.

Program Requirements

Interdisciplinary Core (25 hours)

VPA.  Visual Performing Arts (your choice)
MATH 212.  Elementary and Middle Grades Mathematics for Social Analysis (recommended)
ENGL 424 or 425.  Study of Children's Literature, Study of Adolescent Literature
HUMD 300.  Human Growth and Development: Birth - Adolescence
PHSC 350.  Physical Science (recommended)
EDSP 361.  Intro to Students with Diverse Learning Needs and the Special Education Process

Recommended Electives:
EDSP 445.  Adaptive Strategies in Mathematics
EDRD 314.  Development and Instruction for Emergent and Beginning Readers
EDUC 310.  Teaching and Learning Elementary Science

Students pursuing teaching licensure will be advised to enroll in the following specific courses:

Communication Sciences and Disorders (18 hours)

ASL 221.  Introduction to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture
ASL 222.  American Sign Language II
ASL 223.  American Sign Language III
ASL 224.  American Sign Language IV
COSD 421.  Language Development: Birth - 5
COSD 422.  Audiologic Rehabilitation

Special Education (15 hours)

EDSP 426.  Introduction to Deaf and Hard of Hearing
EDSP 428.  Language Development and Literacy for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
EDSP 451.  Collaborative Skills for Professionals Serving Diverse Populations
EDSP 462.  Behavior Management for Exceptional Learners
EDSP 469.  Evaluative Techniques

Professional Education (22 hours)

EDEF 320.  Education in the United States
EDSP 427.  Current Methods for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
EDSP 432.  Practicum: Deaf and Hard of Hearing
EDSP 455/456.  Student Teaching: Deaf and Hard of Hearing (12 semester hours)

IDHH majors must partipate in additional American Sign Language opportunities in order to develop skills appropriate for blocking and student teaching. 

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