CHBS Ambassadors

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Pictured here (seated) Debbie Robinson, Michaela Horvath, Tommy Morgan, Johan Coon, Samaiyah Williams (standing) Brianna Cooper, Jennifer Hurley, Denise Jenkins, Lauren Faulkner, Courtney Grubb.

CHBS Ambassadors are advocates for the college to members of the campus community, future students and alumni. They represent a diversity of CHBS departments and programs.

"I feel like I've impacted the college in a positive way and done well to promote the college to prospective students," said Ambassador Lauren Faulkner, a senior English and theatre arts major from Rocky Gap. "The CHBS ambassador program has made me all the more proud to be a student at RU.  I think our college has a great deal to offer. Now and in the future, I believe the ambassador program is really going to increase enrollment in the college."

Ambassadors are expected to attend the CHBS Advisory Board welcoming, aid in commencement ceremonies, escort CHBS dignitaries to receptions, and participate in off-campus recruitment during the week of Spring Break and additional duties as assigned.

The CHBS Advisory Board is a group of alumni and friends of the college who actively engage with RU and offer a perspective from beyond campus.

The duties of an ambassador also include assisting guest speakers’ arrival to campus, representing the college during Highlander Days and open houses and advocating for programs and fellow students.

According to CHBS Associate Dean Tod Burke, it was this interaction with potential students that CHBS especially wanted to cultivate.

"We'll have students and parents here talking to faculty about the college, and that's nice, but let's have them hear from the students," Burke said.

Ambassadors are nominated by chairs or directors of their department or school. They must hold junior standing, as they will continue in the role as seniors.  Candidates must be in good academic and conduct standing, hold a minimum 3.2 GPA and be involved in other student organizations or groups.

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Pictured here: Debbie Robinson, Jennifer Hurley, Courtney Grubb, Brianna Cooper, Analise Roccaforte, Samaiyah Williams, Tommy Morgan, Johan Coon, Madeleine Reda, Michaela Horvath.

"When it comes to recruitment for the college, the personal touch by the Ambassadors could make the difference. They could be role models among our students," Burke said. "We want them to be good campus citizens."

Courtney Grubb, a criminal justice major from Christiansburg, was eager to get to work as an ambassador and to share the ins and outs of her department with her fellow students.

"I think the ambassadors program can be really beneficial not only to CHBS and the university, but also to future students who want to see a student's perspective of things," Grubb said. "I know I would have appreciated talking to someone directly from my major about classes, teachers, or just in general."

Meet our CHBS Ambassadors

Debbie Robinson

Johan Coon

Denise Jenkins 

Jenna Roark

Samaiyah Williams

Jennifer Hurley

Tommy Morgan

Brianna Cooper

Michaela Horvath

Analise Roccaforte

Cory Stidham

Courtney Grubb

Kelsey Sowder

Kyle Rosner

Lauren Faulkner

Madeleine Reda