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Meet Our Faculty

The College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences' faculty members are student-focused and believe in engaging students in their learning. Meet some of our outstanding faculty members by watching the videos below.

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Professor Donald Samson

Professor of English Donald Samson believes that teachers should prepare students for their lives as well as their careers. Samson feels that literature and the arts in general can entertain and give people things to think about to expand their understanding of life and people.


Professor Guy Axtell

Dr. Guy Axtell discusses his new Philosophy Goes to the Movies Class.


Professor I-Ping Fu

I-Ping Fu, an associate professor of Chinese, teaches students to appreciate the Chinese culture as well as the language. After one or two years of Chinese studies, students are able to study abroad in China with Dr. Fu.


Professor Joe Jones

Dr. Joe Jones, Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, discusses an eText project he and his students undertook using Google Docs for collecting, authoring and editing.


Professor Matthew Oyos

Professor of History Matthew Oyos believes studying history gives students a sense of who they are, how they fit into their own society, and where one day they will take that society.


Professor Margaret Hrezo

Professor of Political Science Margaret Hrezo's goal in the classroom is to get students to start thinking about the subject matters they talk about in terms of their own lives.

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