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Diversity Plan

Diversity Plan

The School of Communication strives to create a welcoming environment to all, whether student, alumni, faculty or staff. Toward that end the School has put into writing its goals in creating an environment that is full of opportunities for all people while being respectful of their beliefs, backgrounds, needs and viewpoints. With this document we seek to build a consistent understanding about diversity and a road map to achieve the goals of the School.

The School is committed to diversity as a fundamental value in fulfilling its mission. It is important to acknowledge and appreciate the variety of characteristics that make individuals unique in an atmosphere that promotes and embraces individual and collective achievements. The School recognizes the critical importance of educating its students to embrace diversity as an important consideration in their careers and as a means of contributing to society.

The School's diversity plan is broad in scope, with three primary foci: climate, student recruitment and retention, and faculty and staff recruitment and advancement.

Dec 31, 2099

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