Frequently Asked Questions

How many credits are needed to finish the graduate program?

The M.S. program in Corporate and Professional Communication is a 30 credit hour program. A full-time student generally takes 9 credit hours per semester, so you can finish in approximately three semesters, plus one summer course. Part-time students typically take 3 or 6 credit hours per semester. If a part-time student takes courses in the summers, he or she can finish the program in approximately 3 years, depending on the availability of summer courses.

Should I do a thesis if I plan to go into a doctoral program in the future?

In our program, you will learn how to conduct a research study and report it in an appropriate format. Students are encouraged to submit their completed research studies to a regional or national communication conference. Generally, doctoral programs are interested in your ability to conduct research and write a research report, whether it comes in the form of a research study or a thesis.

What kind of job will this master’s degree qualify me for?

Graduates of our program work in public relations, corporate training, management, sales, college teaching, and a variety of other occupations.

What kind of financial assistance is available for graduate students?

Graduate students are able to apply for financial aid. Our program offers assistantships, which require you to work a required number of hours in exchange for a tuition reimbursement and a monthly stipend.

Assistantships include:

  • Graduate Assistant - The student assists professors with research.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant - The student learns to teach college level communication courses by shadowing a professor and attending weekly meetings. At the end of one full year, the student becomes a Graduate Teaching Fellow.
  • Graduate Teaching Fellow - The student teaches two sections of a college communication course each semester.

Do I need to take a standardized test before getting into the program?

Our program requires you to take the GRE. Scores are necessary to complete your application before it is reviewed by the program’s admissions committee. GMAT and LSAT scores are not substitutes for the GRE.