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Web Design

The concentration in Web Design has been discontinued as of the 2012-2013 academic year. This information only applies to students who declared the Web Concentration prior to that time and are finishing out their majors.

The concentration in Web Design prepares students to pursue careers in the creation of news, information, entertainment, and other content for the web and related interactive media.

Core courses:

  • COMS 130. Introduction to Communication
  • COMS 330. Communication Theory

Required in the concentration

  • COMS 104. Basic News Writing
  • ITEC 110. Principles of Information Technology
  • ITEC 120. Principles of Computer Science
  • ITEC 225. Web Programming I
  • COMS 226. Digital Imaging
  • COMS 326. Web Production.
  • COMS 400. Media Law and Ethics
  • COMS 427. Advanced Web and Multimedia Production
  • COMS 484. Web Design Portfolio

Choose two of the following courses (6 hours)

  • COMS 300. Media History
  • COMS 335. Media and Society
  • COMS 407. Science and Environmental Writing
  • COMS 434. Media Literacy
  • COMS 444. Media Management
  • COMS 451. Intercultural and International Communication
  • COMS 460. Special Topics

COMS Elective
Suggested electives include:

  • COMS 236. Print production
  • COMS 346. Electronic Field Production
  • COMS 347. Video Editing and Effects.

Web design students may earn additional hours of elective credit towards the degree through additional practicum hours (maximum of six hours after taking the three required credit hours) or through an internship (1-6 credit hours).

Recommended Courses Outside Major (some of which may satisfy general education requirements):

  • ITEC 198, 202, 220, 325, 340
  • ENGL 306, 406, 407
  • GEOG 425

Sam Jennings, Web Design program coordinator
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