Storytelling: Communicating the Heart of Your Non-Profit

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By Keelia McCaffrey,

Childfund International is a nonprofit organization that has been helping children around the world since 1938, supporting children in 31 countries and helping approximately 17.8 million families. The money given to the nonprofit does not go directly to the child. It goes to the community in which the child lives in and as the community thrives so does the child.

Virginia Sowers, a Radford graduate and Manager of Childfund International, gave a presentation entitled “Storytelling: Communicating the Heart of Your Non-Profit” as part of the Radford University Communication week.   

She expressed that to work in a nonprofit or any job in the field of communication an applicant must be versatile. “If you are able to summarize, tell a good story, and write succinctly… those skills will really benefit you,” said Sowers.

Sowers also stressed the basics such as speaking face-to-face, marketing, social networks, and excellent reporting and writing. She said that in order to get people interested in nonprofits it is best to be real, personal, and compelling to your audience.

Apr 10, 2013
Virginia Sowers