Why you SHOULD be tweeting at work

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By Keelia McCaffrey

Tweeting at work is actually a good thing. Tweeting about the work you are doing is even better.

Social networks around the world host the profiles of millions of people and they show no sign of slowing down. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are all connected and don’t turn off when you log out. 

Abby Grace, a Radford University graduate and owner of Abby Grace Photography, says that using social networks for advertising your business is the way to go.

 “Social media gives everyone a chance to be heard,” said Grace. “And when harnessed correctly social media can be absolutely unstoppable…”

When Grace graduated from Radford in 2010 she was lucky enough to get a job at Northrop Grumman, a global security company. After two years of working, Grace decided that she was going to go out on her own and create a business. Now, in 2013 Grace is the owner of a wedding photography company and she is loving every minute of it. 

“I have never spent a dime on advertising,” said Grace. “I managed to build an entire business and leave me cooperate job on that. So that shows you just what kind of reach and what kind of impact social media can have.”

During her presentation for communications week, entitled “Why you SHOULD be Tweeting at work,” Grace went over the steps that she lives by when advertising on social media.

Everything moves so fast online, but not fast enough that your timeline on Facebook doesn’t get cluttered every once in a while from constant advertisement. Grace believes that in order to keep the attention of your audience you have to hit them with moderation and seek interaction.

Grace wants to give people something to respond to. She gets her customers involved by contests, giveaways, pop culture references, etc… Having an involved clientele base helps to promote your brand and build trust and loyalty among future patrons.

She posts on Facebook three times a day. Every time she posts she makes sure to change up the wording or picture to keep things fresh. Her posts all pretty much convey the same message, but they aren’t repetitive or boring to look at.

“A good rule is that Facebook has a three hour decay rate,” said Grace. “You post it, three hours later you can go back to that and it’s probably far enough down your newsfeed that nobody is really going to see it anymore.” 

She uses twitter 3 to 7 times a day depending on how busy she is. Grace makes sure to reply to everyone who has messaged her by checking her interactions tab, and scrolling down her feed. She uses the same tactics on Twitter that she does on Facebook, but she only posts about her business on Twitter one to two times a day that way she can be more personal with people.

Grace says that her main interaction with her customers is through her blog. All of the links that she posts on Facebook or Twitter lead their clicker back to this site. For Grace, having a consistent blogging post schedule is important so she tries to make sure that she has a new post everyday by 9a.m. 

To improve her blog being found by potential customers, Grace has used Google keywords to advance her influence online as well as bought her own domain name.  She makes sure to keep up a professional appearance in every aspect of her online life, and advises students to do the same.

“An effective social media plan will increase your brands presence and recognizably,” said Grace. “And failure to utilize social media will position you as outdated and out of touch making it harder to reach younger audiences.” 



Apr 10, 2013
RU School of Communication