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Tentative Graduate Course Schedule

** This schedule is tentative and subject to change **

** This schedule applies to the on-campus criminal justice graduate program **

** (View the tentative schedule of courses offered at the Roanoke Higher Education Center) **

Recommended Schedule

You should work closely with your advisor to plan the schedule that best meets your academic needs.  For full-time students planning to complete the program in two years without summer coursework, the following schedule is recommended:

Fall, 1st Year



(or elective)


Spring, 1st Year



CRJU Elective

Fall, 2nd Year


CRJU Elective

(or CRJU-655)

CRJU Elective

(or Thesis, if MA)
Spring, 2nd Year

CRJU Elective

CRJU Elective

CRJU Elective

(or Thesis, if MA)

This general scheduling advice is provided to all students:

  • Register at your assigned time; do not wait until the beginning of the semester to sign up for classes.
  • If you need a required course to graduate and it is full, please contact the department chair (Dr. Stephen Owen, ssowen@radford.edu).
  • Full-time graduate students are required to take CRJU-600 and CRJU-670 during the fall semester of their initial enrollment (and are strongly encouraged to take CRJU-655) and CRJU-671 and CRJU-675 during the spring semester of their initial enrollment.  Part-time students are required to take CRJU-600, CRJU-670, CRJU-671, and CRJU-675 prior to taking other courses during semesters in which these courses are offered.  Departures from this policy must be approved by the Graduate Coordinator.
  • CRJU-670 is a prerequisite to CRJU-671; plan accordingly.
  • CRJU-691 should be taken toward the end of your program.

A sample schedule for Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's students is available here.

Core Courses

Each required core course is offered once a year, on the following rotation:

Fall Semesters

CRJU-600, Survey of Criminal Justice 

CRJU-655, Constitutional Law and the Criminal Justice System 

CRJU-670, Criminal Justice Research Methods

CRJU-691, Public Policy and Criminal Justice

Spring Semesters CRJU-671, Quantitative Methods in Criminal Justice Research 

CRJU-675, Studies in Criminological Theory 

Elective Courses

In addition to the required courses, we offer graduate electives each semester.  We plan to offer electives on the following rotation:

Fall 2014

CRJU-590, Seminar: Domestic Violence

CRJU-643, Social Awareness

CRJU-672, Applications in Crime Analysis

CRJU-676, Environmental Criminology

Spring 2015

CRJU-635, Foundations of Law Enforcement

CRJU-673, Crime Mapping

Summer 2015

CRJU-590, Criminal Justice in Film and Literature (Summer I)

CRJU-690, Enhancing Police Training (Summer II)