Dr. Egan Kyle Green

Professor of Criminal Justice

Extended Campus Coordinator

  • Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania

  • M.A., East Tennessee State University

  • B.S., Appalachian State University

Dr. Green joined the Radford University faculty in 2005.

Spring 2017 Schedule

  • CRJU-382, Wildlife Crime and Conservation Law Enforcement, 12:30-1:45, Tues./Thurs
  • CRJU-675, Criminological Theory, 6:00-9:00, Thursday

Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 11:00am-12:15pm & Thursday 2:00 pm-3:00 pm (subject to change) or by appointment

Dr. Green's research explores rural crime, with a focus on wildlife crime and wildlife law enforcement; he also conducts research on illicit liquor manufacturing and distribution.

Recent Professional Activities
Dr. Green recently authored an article titled Culture Conflict Between Moonshiners and the Government: An Explanation of Jury Nullification and Nolle Prosequi in Illicit Alcohol Offenses in Rural Communities that was published in the International Journal of Rural Criminology.  This is the first academic research article addressing illicit moonshine to ever be published in a criminological journal.  He also authored an article titled Judging the Effectiveness of Anti-Poaching Hotlines that is published in the Journal of Rural Social Sciences.  Dr. Green is currently updating the next edition of the textbook The Police Manager of which he is a co-author.  He continues to work on other research projects addressing rural crime issues.