Graduate Teaching Fellows Mentoring Program

Coordinator: Frank M. Napolitano

Program Description:

The Graduate Teaching Fellows Program at Radford University provides graduate student instructors with a structured environment in which to build their teaching skills. Our collegial program shares teaching ideas, lesson plans, grading strategies, problems, and successes.

The GTA/F Program supports Radford University’s emphasis on pedagogy. Graduate Teaching Assistants and Fellows are assigned to an experienced English faculty member with whom they work closely in planning and teaching Core classes. This unique learning experience cannot be attained in conventional graduate courses. Applicants should contact Frank Napolitano, GTF Program Coordinator, or Paul Witkowsky, English Graduate Program Coordinator. 

Graduate Teaching Fellows

  • Matthew Arnold
  • Frederick Brindle
  • Sharene Duncombe
  • Melanie Graham
  • Justine Jackson
  • Judith Mann
  • Rodney Ray
  • Courtney Simpkins
  • Ian Simpkins
  • Lindsay Stinson

Graduate Teaching Assistants

  • Alexander Beisel
  • Matthew Madre
  • Austin McGrady
  • Kelly Nickell
  • Caitlyn Parker
  • Stacy Penven
  • Kari Lynne Rappold
  • Maggie Shepherd
  • Phelan Tinsley
  • Catelin Turman

  Faculty Mentors

  • Kim Gainer
  • Amanda Kellogg
  • Terry Lovern
  • James Monaghan
  • Frank Napolitano
  • Michele Ren
  • Nancy Taylor
  • Marissa Wilder