Teaching Licensure

English majors who wish to earn licensure (certification) to teach English take the courses in the English Education concentration for their elective hours, and select ENGL 463 in the language category. As part of their professional education core, they take ENGL 426 as part of their field experience and ENGL 428 during the semester in which they student-teach, and one of the following: COMM 114, COMM 116, COMM 337, or COMM 230. In addition, courses in education from the College of Education and Human Development are required.

Students interested in teaching should apply to the Teacher Education Program through the College of Education and Human Development and to the English Education program, during the second semester of their sophomore year. The application procedure begins with an information meeting with the English Education Committee. Next, each student writes an impromptu essay on a subject in English Education and submits a sample of his or her best writing. Applicants are notified by mail of the committee's decision.

As part of their general education requirements, English Education students must take a U.S. history course. Certification can be transferred to other states, but different states may require different teacher certification exam scores or education courses.