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Freshman Advising

Foreign Language Majors Advisees' to do list

  • How are classes going your first/second semester at Radford University?

  • Were you placed in the right foreign language course?

  • If in your first semester, have you checked your midterm grades?

  • Have you done any job shadowing or researching of career(s) your major leads to?

  • Did you have any transfer/AP credits from high school that aren’t showing up?

  • Remember you have five class withdrawals and three repeats at Radford University.

  • Have you spoken with any of your professors outside of class and how did that go?

  • Do not hesitate to ask for help if you find yourself struggling in class.

  • Have you spoken with your advisor or another professor in your major about career plans?

  • Have you joined the language club in your major?

  • Are you participating in the conversation hours or otherwise using the language in a non-academic context?

  • Have you checked out the resources of the Foreign Language Lab?

  • What other major or minor are you considering besides your foreign language major?

  • Is your bilingual dictionary adequate?