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Senior Advising

Foreign Language Majors Advisees' to do list

  • How are your final classes going?

  • Have you checked to be sure that you are meeting all requirements for graduation which are listed in the undergraduate catalog? This includes Core Curriculum courses, major courses, total credits, GPA’s and degree requirements.

  • Did you apply for graduation in September of this fall semester? The application packet consists of the following: the graduation application, the “Request to Participate in Commencement Ceremonies” if you are not finishing up at the time of commencement, Core Curriculum., major and minor check sheets, transcript (see the department secretary), and copies of any academic waivers you may have received.

  • Have you had out of class meeting with any of your professors?

  • Have you visited the Career Center to help you prepare a résumé and/or look at job opportunities?

  • Have you spoken with your advisor or another professor in your major about professional field and career plans?

  • Be sure to update your résumé.

  • Are you participating in the conversation hours or otherwise using the language in a non-academic context?

  • Have you shared your study abroad experiences with other students and classes?

  • Have you filled out the graduating student survey?

  • What are your favorite websites in the other language?