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Sophomore Advising

Foreign Language Majors Advisees' to do list

  • How are your classes going this semester?

  • Have you checked your overall GPA?

  • Are you getting to know our exchange students?

  • Have you used any withdrawals; if yes, are you planning to take summer classes to catch up?

  • Note: only credits will transfer to RU, not the grade, so to improve your GPA you must take the class at RU, especially if it’s a class you need to repeat.

  • It is important at this time to make sure you are making progress in your Core curriculum classes.

  • Have you spoken with your advisor or another professor about the professional field and career plans?

  • Have you started to surf on the web and to watch foreign language movies in the target language?

  • Have you done any job shadowing or researching of career(s) your major leads to?

  • Make sure you are completing the required pre-requisite courses for upper level major courses. You cannot take a prerequisite course with an upper level course, for which this course is a pre-requisite, at the same time.

  • Have you begun to plan your study abroad experience?

  • See the Department Chair if you are considering teaching licensure.

  • Have you applied for foreign language placement credits if you were placed beyond the first 8 or 9 hours and received a B and a C or better in those first two courses?

  • Are you participating in the conversation hours or otherwise using the language in a non-academic context?