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Dr. Sharon Roger Hepburn


Professor of History and Department Chair

Sharon Roger Hepburn received her B.A. from SUNY Geneseo in upstate New York and both a master’s and doctorate in history at the University of Buffalo. From 1993-1995, she taught at Cleveland State University and then headed to Radford University in 1995. She teaches courses on African American history, slavery, and the Civil War. Her main area of research and writing is on Buxton, an all-black community established in Canada in 1849. Some of her articles on this community have been published in The Michigan Historical Review and Nineteenth Century America.  She also published Crossing the Border: A Free Black Community with the University of Illinois Press (2007), which received the Albert B. Corey Prize in Canadian-American Relations in 2008 from the American Historical Association and Canadian Historical Association.

Contact: shepburn@radford.edu; (540) 831-5287

Courses Taught

HIST 111 & 112: United States History to and from 1865

HIST 295 Historian's Craft

HIST 330: African American History to 1865

HIST 331: African American History from 1865

HIST 364: American Slavery

HIST 365: American Civil War

HIST 495: Senior Seminar