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Dr. Glen Martin, Chair
Department of Philosophy and Religion
(540) 831-5897

Dr. Alan Forrest
Department of Counselor Education

Dr. Bill Kovarik
School of Communication

Dr. Ann Mary Roberts
School of Teacher Education and Leadership

Dr. Moira Baker
Department of English

Dr. James E. Borling
Department of Music; Music Therapy Chairperson

Dana Cochran

Dr. Tricia Easterling
School of Teacher Education and                                           Leadership

Timothy Filbert
Assistant Director of Academic Engagement and Career Services

Dr. Sharon Gilbert
Department of Philosophy

Dr. Joe Jones
Department of Philosophy

Dr. Kay Jordan
Department of Philosophy

Dr. Don Langrehr
School of Teacher Education and Leadership

Dr. Rita Martin
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Dr. Jeanne Mekolichick
Department of Sociology

Dr. Kristan Morrison
School of Teacher Education and Leadership

Dr. James Newman
Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism

Dr. Michele Ren
Department of English

Courtney B. Ross
Adjunct Professor of Peace Studies, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, and CORE Curriculum

Dr. Robert Sheehy
Department of Biology