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Dr. Tanya Corbin

Assistant Professor


Dr. Tanya Buhler Corbin holds a Masters in Public Policy and a Doctorate in Political Science from Claremont Graduate University, and Bachelors in Sociology from University of New Orleans. Dr. Corbin has taught numerous courses in American politics, including Congress, The Presidency, Political Parties and Elections, Political Economy, and Public Policy. She has published articles in California Journal of Politics and Policy and Women & Politics, and recently completed a book chapter. Her primary area of research focuses on the politics and policy changes that are proposed and adopted after crises and disasters and their interrelationship to traditionally marginalized groups. In recent research, she has studied policy entrepreneurship, congressional agenda setting, and disaster recovery after Hurricane Katrina. She is currently engaged in a research project comparing local communities’ mobilization and policy responses after the Exxon-Valdez and BP Oil Spills.