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School Psychology

Program Overview

Mission Statement

The School Psychology Training Program at Radford University trains candidates to use an ecological orientation for comprehensive service delivery to children, schools, and families.  This orientation emphasizes that each child is unique and must be understood in the context of a series of overlapping and integrated spheres of influence, including school, family, peers, neighborhood, and community.  Operating as data-driven problem-solvers within this ecological context, our candidates are trained to provide comprehensive, collaborative, evidence-based psychological services that include prevention, intervention, consultation, and assessment.  The overarching goal of these services is to improve the social, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and academic functioning of all children.

Our program distinguishes itself by providing an innovative, solutions-focused curriculum that provides our candidates with practical, field-based training in each semester of the program, as well as opportunities for research in areas such as neuropsychology and neurocognitive assessment, gifted and early childhood education, and curriculum-based assessment for academic and behavioral problems.  In addition, our program affords candidates numerous experiences in service delivery to rural populations as well as the opportunity to study school psychological services in an international context through a summer study abroad program.

Graduates of our training program are currently employed in diverse school districts throughout Virginia and the United States. Wherever our graduates may choose to work, we believe that there are several common characteristics that distinguish our alumni.  We expect our graduates to be advocates for children and their families, to understand and appreciate diversity, to value lifelong learning, and to be reflective and dedicated professionals.

Why Choose School Psychology at RU?

We are proud of our program and the opportunities we provide to our students.

  • You’ll take assessment and intervention classes in cognition, academics, neuropsychology, and early childhood.
  • We provide two counseling classes that will train you to work with individual students, small groups and to do crisis intervention counseling.
  • Students are well trained in state of the art practices such as RTI and neuropsychological assessment and intervention.
  • You will be in the going to the public schools in the first semester so you can start your hands-on training right away.
  • We work with students that want to complete their third-year internship in their home state, increasing the likelihood that they will be offered a job there.
  • Our faculty are school psychologists that have real life experience working in school districts.
  • Student may earn both an Ed.S. Degree in School Psychology and an M.S. degree in psychology.
  • We are one of the few programs that offer a Study Abroad option.
  • We are fully approved by the National Association of School Psychologists and our graduates are eligible to apply to be a Nationally Certified School Psychologist.