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Course of Study

The School Psychology Training Program is a 71-semester hour program that takes three years to complete. Students enter in the fall with a cohort of 8-10 colleagues and progress through the program together.  We offer an innovative curriculum that is research-based and consistent with best practice in the field of school psychology. Students typically take the following courses:

Fall Year One: 12 hours
PSYC 665 School Psychological Services 
PSYC 631 Cognitive Assessment 
PSYC 663 Child Psychopathology 
PSYC 632 Behavioral Assessment

Spring Year One: 12 hours
PSYC 636 Personality Assessment 
PSYC 610 Analysis of Behavioral Data 
EDSP 651 Current Trends in Programs for Exceptional Individuals
PSYC 633 Academic Assessment and Intervention

Summer Year One: 8 hours
PSYC 611 Methodology/Program Evaluation in Psychology 
PSYC 660 Human Growth and Lifespan Development 
PSYC 690 Directed Research in School Psychology

Fall Year Two: 14 hours
PSYC 678 Child Neuropsychological Assessment and Intervention
PSYC 692 Mental Health Prevention and Intervention
PSYC 781 Practicum 
PSYC 688 Consultation and Collaboration in the Schools
PSYC 687 PreInternship Seminar

Spring Year Two: 13 hours
PSYC 693 Brief Therapeutic Interventions 
PSYC 782 Practicum in School Psychology
EDSP 672 Mild Disabilities 
PSYC 638 Early Childhood Assessment and Intervention 

Fall Year Three: 6 hours 
PSYC 795 School Psychology Internship

Spring Year Three: 6 hours 
PSYC 796 School Psychology Internship 

In addition to the Ed.S. degree, students graduating from the School Psychology Training Program may also elect to obtain a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Radford University. Students entering the program without a master’s degree in psychology or closely related field may earn a M.S. degree in psychology from Radford University by completing all requirements for the Ed.S. degree, completing a total of 77 hours (36 hours applied to the master’s degree and 41 hours applied to the Ed. S. degree) and passing the comprehensive examinations for the Ed.S. degree. For these students, the M.S. degree and Ed. S. degree will be awarded simultaneously. Additional coursework undertaken to earn the M.S. degree must be approve by the student’s advisor.