School Psychology Program Faculty

The School Psychology Faculty at Radford University and well-trained and have real-life experience working as school psychologists with children and families. They are engaged in research and service and are actively involved in state and national school psychology organizations.

Dr. Jayne E. Bucy received her training at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She completed a clinical doctoral internship at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. She has worked as a school psychologist in Florida, Illinois and Virginia and directed an Easter Seals program for infants with disabilities. She is the coordinator of our program and teaches an applied research course, early childhood assessment and intervention and supervises internship as well as undergraduate courses in child and adolescent psychology. She supervises a field experience for students completing gifted assessments for a local school district. She is currently researching the adjustment of children recently adopted from China.

Dr. Bob Hiltonsmith was trained at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. He is the past president of the Virginia Psychological Association. He has worked as a school psychologist in public schools in Ohio and NY, as a consulting psychologist in NY for a day program for adults with disabilities, and as a clinical-child psychologist for an agency in NY specializing in developmental problems for children ages 0-6. He developed a Study Abroad program for our students and in the last six years, has taken three groups to Great Britain to study International School Psychology. This is a favorite among our students and we anticipate another trip in the near future. He teaches Cognitive and Intellectual Assessment Techniques, School Psychological Services, undergraduate child psychology and psychology of exceptional children and supervises internship.

Dr. Jennifer L. Mabry was trained at the University of Virginia. She has worded as a school psychologist in North Carolina and Virginia. She teaches neuropsychological assessment and intervention and supervises practicum students. Dr. Mabry has student working with her in her research neuropsychological functioning and neurorehabilitation in which students are administering neuropsychological instruments to adults with acquired brain injury and children living in rural areas that may be exposed to environmental toxins.   She is currently the director of the Center for Assessment and Psychological Services (CAPS).

Dr. Eric Mesmer graduated from the University of South Florida. Before coming to RU, he taught in the school psychology program at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Mesmer’s expertise is in academic interventions, how teachers administer them and whether students benefit from these interventions. He has recent publications on RTI for teachers and the impact of public feedback during team meetings on teacher implementation of interventions. He teaches behavioral assessment, academic assessment and intervention, preinternship seminar and supervises practicum students.