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Research Opportunities

Faculty Seeking Undergraduate and Graduate Student Research Assistants

The following faculty regularly seek motivated students to work on ongoing research projects or in topics of general interest:

  • Niels Christensen – Interpersonal Perception and Social Anxiety
  • Jeff Aspelmeier – Romantic Relationships, Social Psyc Processes, & Child Abuse
  • Jenessa Steele – Aging, Health Beh., Relationships, & Social Support
  • Tom Pierce – Reminiscence, Aging, & Cognition.
  • Allen Gorman – Performance Management, Training, Individual Differences in Work Behavior
  • Jayne Bucy – Chinese Adoption & Introduction to School Psychology (1 credit hour).
  • Pam Jackson – Effects of Drugs on Learning, Animal Cognition
  • Jeff Willner – Role of the Hippocampus in Memory and Learning
  • Eric Mesmer – Behavioral Interventions in School Settings
  • Valerie Leake – Adolescent Mental Health, Step Families, & Sexual Orientation, Student veterans' issues, military families, PTSD
  • Ruth Riding-Malon – Mental Health Issues
  • Sarah Hastings – Mental Health Issues
  • Tracy Cohn – Sexual Health and Wellness & Mental Health Issues
  • Don Hall – Cognitive and Evolutionary Psychology
  • Jessica Doll - Interpersonal Relationships at Work, Employee Engagement