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  New ROTC Incoming Freshmen

Early Move-In
August 19, 2014


On Aug. 19th between 8:30 am - 4:30 pm the new cadets can move into their dorm romms. Report to Heth Hall Room 226 for your key and upper-class cadets will be available to help with moving. New Cadets will meet at 5:00 pm for an introduction to the ROTC program (Location TBD).

August 20th will start at 0600 with a diagnostic physical fitness test consisting of 2 minutes of sit-ups, 2 minutes of push-ups and a 2 milte run. This is the standard physical fitness test for the Army. Cadets will then have time to shower and eat before meeting at the ROTC office (512 Davis St or in case of rain Peter's Hall Gym) for issuance of gear and acceptance of any remaining paperwork not previously turned in. From 1:30-6:00 pm everyone will head to Bisset Park to go tubing on the New River. This is provided through Tangent Outfitters and will cost $10-15 per person.

August 21st the day will begin at 0700 with a 10 Station Circuit of physical exercises followed by and Introduction to Drill and Ceremony. Cadets are given time to shower and eat before meeting at 10:30 am for Paintball (equipment is provided, please do not bring your own equipment). At 2:00 pm we will meet at Bisset Park Shelter #1 for a BBQ at which time cadets will be given a Safety Brief, be introduced to the Cadre and Senior Class, told about Ranger Club, and the Ranger Challenge Team. Additional information will be given by Cadets who have been to specialty schools.  

Cadets will need to bring sufficient money to cover meals Aug 19-21. Meal plans start on Friday, Aug 22. Regular move-in day is Aug. 22nd. Those who need class schedule adjustments are encouraged to come to the ROTC office located at 512 Davis St, Apt J, on Aug 22 between 0900-1500 to discuss any problems or concerns with the secretary or Cadre.

Please note: Any cadet who is missing paperwork will need to have it to the office prior to the first day of classes. The Medical Form MUST be turned in by Aug 19th...NO EXCEPTIONS!

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