Honor System

The Radford University Honor System provides the foundation for a university community in which freedom, trust and respect can prevail. In accepting admission to Radford University, each student makes a commitment to support and uphold the Honor System without compromise or exception. Individuals have the responsibility to be honorable in their own conduct and to insist other students act honorably.

Lying, cheating and stealing are considered to be acts of dishonor, and will, therefore, cause a student to be subject to temporary or permanent suspension from the university community. Students who commit an honor violation or any members of the Radford University community who have knowledge that a student has committed an honor violation are expected to comply with the reporting procedures.

The Honor Pledge

I shall uphold the values and ideals of Radford University by engaging in responsible behavior and striving always to be accountable for my actions while holding myself and others to the highest moral and ethical standards of academic integrity and good citizenship as defined in the Standards of Student Conduct.