Transfer Student FAQ

How can I set up a campus visit?

To schedule your visit to Radford University, visit the office of admissions website to schedule a visit.  In this visit you will have an opportunity to take a student-guided tour and meet with an admissions counselor.  Or you may attend one of our other events which is located on the Admissions webpage.

Where do I send my transcripts?

Send all transcripts from previous institutions attended to the Office of Admissions at P.O. Box 6903, Radford, Virginia, 24142.

What is the minimum GPA to be accepted to Radford University?

A transfer student must have at least an overall 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) GPA on all work attempted to be considered for admission.

How do I know whether the courses I took at another school transferred and the number of credits that transferred?

You can see which courses have transferred by accessing your Student Information System and viewing Records, and then selecting Transfer courses.  This will show the course that was transferred and how many transfer hours earned, and from which school it transferred.

How do I know what requirements I have already satisfied?

After you have been admitted you can view which requirements you have completed by viewing your Degree Audit through the Student Information System and Viewing Degree Works, then clicking Audit, and selecting Process/new/view.  If you have any questions please visit the advising center.

Does an Associate Degree take care of my general education?

State Policy on Transfer:

To encourage the transfer of students from the Virginia Community College System to Radford University, the State Policy on Transfer has been embraced by Radford University, effective Fall 1993. A student who transfers to Radford University from a Virginia Community College will be considered to have satisfied Radford’s general education requirements if any of the following is met:

  • The student has by the time of transfer earned an Associate Degree from a Virginia community college based on a baccalaureate-oriented sequence of courses (i.e., the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or Associate of Arts and Science); or
  • The student is able to earn such a degree by successfully completing at a Virginia community college courses remaining for the Associate Degree concurrently with the first semester of enrollment at Radford; or
  • The student will earn an Associate Degree as a result of credit earned during his or her first semester of enrollment at Radford, up to a maximum of 10 hours. Students who do not meet any of these criteria must complete Radford’s course-specific general education requirements.

The transfer degrees accepted as satisfying General Education at Radford University are the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and the Associate of Arts and Science. Transfer credit evaluations are performed by the Office of Admissions. Questions concerning transfer credit may be directed to this office. Community college students completing the Transfer Module will receive credit toward completion of Radford’s general education requirements. Credits earned with a grade lower than “C” will not transfer to Radford University.  Refer to the  Radford University Transfer Guide (copies available from the Office of Admissions) for more detailed information concerning the State Policy on Transfer.

Will all of my courses transfer from my previous school?

Depending on the courses that are taken and which program you choose at Radford University, come of your courses will transfer, but may not be used towards your degree depending on specific requirements.

How many credits have to be taken at RU to complete a Bachelors?

No fewer than 45 semester hours must be taken at Radford University to be eligible for graduation.  A minimum of 30 of the last 39 hours of credits required for a degree must be taken at RU.  In addition, 50 percent of the semester hours required for a major or minor must be taken at RU.

Why do I not have a GPA; my course work transferred?

You do not receive grades for the courses that you have transferred to Radford University.  You receive the credit for those courses, and therefore does not affect your Radford University GPA.

Are scholarships offered to transfer students?

Yes! There are specific scholarships that are only offered to transfer students, and others that are offered for specific majors.  They can be found at the following link: Transfer students planning to apply for Radford
University scholarships must apply to the University by March 15th to be eligible for the scholarships.

When do I register for classes?

During Transfer Quest that you register for you will meet with a faculty advisor and register for your upcoming semester classes.  At the conclusion of Quest you will have a semester schedule.

When do I meet with my academic advisor?

Transfer students will meet with a faculty advisor during Transfer Quest, but this may not be your assigned advisor.  Once classes begin, students are asked to connect with their department and meet with their assigned advisor.