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Staying Connected

Since our inception, we have helped to educate students from diverse backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. The diversity of our faculty and the infrastructure that has evolved over the years has enabled us to work with hundreds of students from all regions of the world. We also have continued our efforts to stay in touch with our graduates. Many of our former students have ascended to leadership positions in both the private and public sectors in their home countries and elsewhere.

In a recent visit to beautiful Istanbul, Dr. Nozar Hashemzadeh met a group of former students from Turkey who have confirmed that they had the necessary training and the “right stuff” to assume important leadership positions and make extra-ordinary contributions to their respective businesses through exemplary performance and a winning attitude. The young men shown here have proven their determination to better themselves, their firms and their country. We are proud of their achievements and extend them our warm Highlander congratulations and wish them greater success in their respective endeavors.

During his trip, Dr. Hashemzadeh was warmly received by Mr. Unal Kabaca, Director of the 11th largest bank in Turkey—Asya Finans, Mr. Mehmet Emin Kara, Currency Trader, Treasury Marketing Group and Mithat Suvak Representative of the largest German Bank in the Trend Corporate and Trade Finance INC.

Mithat Suvak

Mr. Mithat Suvak

Mr. Unal Kabaca

Mr. Unal Kabaca

Mr. Mehmet Emin Kara

Mr. Mehmet Emin Kara

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